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Finding the perfect fit for your brand – that’s the first step of GPJ entertainment marketing.

And once we’ve found it, we don’t stop. We plan every logistical detail of your strategy. We execute every step of your entertainment sponsorship. Most importantly, we help you build emotional connections that endure well beyond the final concert.

When you work with our global marketing team, you receive:

  • Experienced Entertainment Sponsorship that’s relevant and targeted
  • Award-Winning Experiential Events with engaging brand tie-ins
  • Entertainment Marketing that focuses on long-term relationships

It’s all part of our mantra of meaningful engagement - the idea that captivating entertainment experiences spark new loyalties between consumers and brands.

Entertainment Sponsorship Case Studies

“You know, you see a lot of sponsorships and artists that really don’t quite go together, and you can’t figure out exactly what they’re doing with it, and for us, it just really made sense.” - Tim McGraw on the Jeep Soul 2 Soul Tour.

Making sense of entertainment sponsorship is what we do. When we match your brand with a top entertainer, you can be sure that we’ve found the right audience for your message. You can also be certain you’ll have the support of a famous brand ambassador for years to come.

View examples of our entertainment media marketing work:

Entertainment Media Marketing Services

We’ve heard stories about agencies where entertainment sponsorship becomes a one-off event, a fragile bubble that pops as soon as the last note is sung.

Not at GPJ. Our international team of designers, architects, programmers and event strategists will give you entertainment marketing services that focus on relevancy and ROI.

You’ll receive award-winning experiential events that include:

  • Sustainable Partnerships with relevant national and international entertainers
  • Choreographed Branded Tactics to drive conversation on and offsite, as well as before, during and after each event
  • Branded Environments that seamlessly integrate your message into concert venues and audience spaces
  • Integrated Physical, Online and Device Elements to deepen the brand experience and encourage social sharing
  • Coordinated Event Logistics for a flawless execution of all branded tie-ins
  • Outstanding Entertainment Experiences that act as a catalyst for consumer advocacy and revenue growth
  • Post-Event Analysis with GPJ strategists to determine the real ROI on your entertainment sponsorship

Benefits of Experiential Entertainment Sponsorship

Consumers are smart. They know straightaway when an entertainer is not behind a brand and they ignore entertainment media marketing that pays lip service to their values.

GPJ knows this too, which is why we spend so much time developing experiences that will truly connect with your potential customers. With so much involved, we want you to receive the full benefits of integrated entertainment sponsorship.

Entertainment sponsorship benefits that help:

  • Build Emotional Connections: Relationships have the power to move mountains when it comes to brands. Which is why GPJ focuses on fostering a three-way communication between you, entertainers and high-value prospects. We want their loyal audience to become your loyal audience.
  • Engage Audiences in Multiple Spaces: Entertainment sponsorship is no longer limited to the concert arena. GPJ clients get the full benefit of our global expertise in online, mobile, gaming and interactive strategies. Strategies which concentrate on engaging users in memorable conversations.
  • Communicate Key Messages: Whether you’re showing support for troops overseas or highlighting the importance of financial education, entertainment venues are the perfect places to capture someone’s undivided attention. The challenge is finding the right approach. We like challenges.
  • Provide a Launching Pad: Sometimes it’s a new product or service. Sometimes it’s a desire to introduce your brand to a different demographic. Every need is different, but our underlying principle remains the same – to create an unparalleled first impression in the minds of your potential customers.
  • Expand Brand Awareness: Entertainment seeps into every space, physical and digital, that you can imagine. Forget viral; the right partnership between a brand and a committed entertainer can induce a pandemic. At GPJ, we show you and your entertainment partners the most effective ways to spread that awareness.
  • Generate and Accelerate Sales: Innovate, activate and motivate is our motto, and we saved the best for last. Each experiential entertainment campaign has a group working behind the scenes to motivate prospects and funnel them through the sales cycle as quickly as possible.

Talk to Us About Your Challenge

If you would like to discuss entertainment sponsorship or have more questions about our entertainment media marketing, we are always happy to help. Please contact:

Scott Kellner
VP of Marketing