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Acura at NAIAS

Acura’s compelling core principles provided ample inspiration for both the physical and digital environments at the North American International Auto Show in 2014. Their “Man-Machine Synergy” principle, where man and machine sync for ultimate performance, was physically translated into two intertwined looping ribbons. GPJ brought the theme to life with a blend of wood, signifying the organic “Man,” and metal, symbolizing “Machine,” to serve as both an eye-catching immersive backdrop as well as a gravity-defying racetrack for an Acura TLX racecar.

The visual prominence of the ribbon architecture was matched only by the engineering innovation, weighing just 6% of what it would have had it been made out of real wood and steel.

Directly under the ribbon display a 40’ diameter high resolution LED screen rotunda acted as a central beacon, delivering original Acura stories, and serving as a mechanism to reveal the Acura TLX prototype. These stories were also translated into interactive engagements, from a holograph water vapor display to an augmented reality enabled tabletop with animated stories of the Acura Sport Hybrid.

The experience reinforced Acura’s image as a prestigious, luxurious and innovative brand. The smart architecture resulted in significant cost savings. And GPJ’s commitment to design innovation means the breathtaking environment is easily translated globally.