IBM’s longstanding goals include helping solve the world’s biggest problems and offering unparalleled trust and security built on more than a century of industry expertise and driven by innovative technologies. Showcasing at the annual Consumer Electronics Show (CES) in Las Vegas is more than flashing new gadgets and toys to the masses. For IBM, the show was a stage to give first-hand glimpses that connect the brand to tangible problem solving, and we were there to help articulate that goal.

Human. Transparent. Purposeful.

For IBM to connect to their audience and continue to push the limits of technology and deliver world-changing breakthroughs, the stories at CES needed to be authentic and relatable. In the expansive two-story space, we crafted opportunities to attract with new IBM technologies, interact with subject matter experts, engage with streams of valuable client stories, learn in the theater space, schedule private meetings in the client center and experience business transformation in real-time.

New Weather Model 

Billions of people depend on forecasts to make business decisions. At CES, IBM and its subsidiary The Weather Company unveiled a powerful new global weather forecasting system that will provide the most accurate local weather forecasts ever seen worldwide. The LED wall showed new weather data visualization.

IBM Project Debater – Speech by Crowd 

IBM demoed a new and experimental cloud-based AI platform for crowd-sourcing decision support that can debate humans on complex topics. Project Debater collected 2,000+ free-text arguments from the audience on debatable topics and automatically constructed persuasive viewpoints to support or contest the topic.

Food Trust with Blockchain

A blockchain-powered information-sharing platform that gives food growers, manufacturers and retailers unprecedented visibility at each step of the supply chain. Guided interactive demos help uncovered the story of how secure and connected  data create a smarter, safer and more sustainable food system for all.

Quantum Computing with IBM Q System One

At CES, IBM unveiled the world’s first integrated quantum computing system for commercial use. One of seven key activations, thousands of visitors got to experience how IBM is empowering consumer brands.

Artificial Intelligence-powered Work

IBM’s AI robotic arm relies on computer vision algorithms, visual and acoustic cues to showcase a Factory of the Future. The robot uses AR capabilities and can visualize the products while using AI to determine if the products have problems.


We were able to help convey IBM’s experience at CES as a vision of progress, showing businesses how they can transform the world and the way work gets done.

  • 60′ x 130′ footprint for activations, product demos, mini theater, meeting rooms
  • 7 immersive digital attractions
  • 6 industry demo areas
  • 80+ client case studies
  • 2,000+ texts submitted to IBM Project Debater
  • 42 sessions delivered by IBM speakers

Aneesa Anderson, Event Manager
Kristin Keene, Global CHQ 3rd Party Event Lead
Erin McElroy, Program Director, Event & Digital Innovation
Matthew Calkins, Design Principal & Creative Director
Tova Weinberg, Sr. Account Director
Denise Croden, Executive Producer
Chris Goveia, VP Creative
Nat Wittstruck, Creative Director
Kurt Miller, SVP Strategy
Lorea Dandoy, Experience Strategist