The Niagara Summit is the flagship education and networking event for global hardware and software provider Tridium, Inc. Tridium is a world leader in providing business application frameworks that facilitate and automate the environments that drive the Internet of Things (IoT).

For 2018, set once again in New Orleans, the Summit’s headlining theme was “Connecting the World,” a lead-in to the ways Tridium’s Niagara solutions are innovating the IoT space. But bringing this story to life faced a significant challenge: The Summit was to be led by an entirely new executive team and help was required to articulate the evolution of Tridium’s business direction.


George P. Johnson (GPJ) teamed with Tridium to develop a voice and message that would assure its audience of 1,000+ developers, programmers, engineers, and executives that Tridium was strategic and purposeful in its direction and was truly the innovator in the wide and complex world of IoT.

Leading the strategy, planning, and execution of the Keynote Session, GPJ worked hand-in-hand with Tridium’s executive leadership to develop a series of main stage presentations that told a compelling, confidence-inspiring story.

To kick off the conference with a bang, we partnered with fellow Project Worldwide agency Motive to produce a powerful opening video that laid the foundation of the message. Next, Tridium President Jim Bland took the stage. As a new face of the company, it was vital that he connect with the audience and deliver a clear vision. With GPJ’s help, he did not disappoint, captivating the room as he laid out a roadmap for the future that captured the imagination while grounding the path forward in reality.


From speechwriting to speaker coaching, content creation to graphic and animation development, GPJ was intimately involved in ensuring every aspect of the Keynote Session drove home the point that Tridium was the only partner attendees needed to thrive in the world of IoT.

Though not the typical mega-conference in scale, events like the Niagara Summit epitomize the power strategic, creative work has to create an outsized impact with your audience. GPJ’s informed approach maximized budgets and key creative elements of the Keynote space, resulting in an experience with more energy and polish than any previous Summit, and with an audience fully committed to partnering and succeeding with Tridium.