The Google TensorFlow team recently partnered with GPJ to produce an all-digital developer summit. The experience included an interactive keynote, in-depth product demos, and virtual Q&A sessions. With more than 5,000 virtual keynote attendees, TensorFlow 2020 was one of the most interactive digital experiences the team has produced to date.

A challenge like no other: Due to the COVID-19 outbreak, the Google and GPJ teams were tasked with converting a traditionally live physical event into an all-digital experience within less than two weeks. In addition to a reduced timeline, Google and GPJ were forced to rethink the program’s objectives, delivery, and engagement strategy. With fast and effective collaboration, Google and GPJ were able to strategically provide the entire TensorFlow community with a beneficial opportunity to engage with the brand. 

While rethinking the experience, it was clear that the program would still need to highlight the opening keynote, breakout sessions, and product demos, while simultaneously engaging with the TensorFlow team through open chat rooms and Q&A sessions. While leaning heavily on GPJ’s live production department and internal strategists, Google and GPJ rewrote the show agenda, adjusted the programming, and redesigned the stage and set elements to suit an online experience. Additionally, the teams constructed demo recording studios in order to highlight key activities that would normally receive engagement during a live event. Using these broadcast techniques, the TensorFlow community was able to take advantage of all programming regardless of their location. 

The creative and flexible approach to this event proved that typical experiential activations can transcend a face to face setting and be successful through digital platforms. With more than 5,000 virtual keynote attendees, TensorFlow 2020 became one of the most interactive Developer Summits to date, delivering on its promise to engage and excite the community at large.