Think Gov At-a-Glance

•  19 keynote speakers, 7 keynote sessions

•  36 breakout speakers across 12 breakout sessions

•  2,000+ virtual attendees

•  106 minutes average consecutive engagement time

•  100% engagement from top client accounts

Think Gov is IBM’s annual U.S. government mission and technology conference. In the thick of the pandemic, it was a timely and crucial juncture to provide the latest tools and education that state and federal agencies needed to accelerate essential recovery and transformation. In order to maximize engagement with an expanded audience in a short window, IBM shifted to a content-rich Digital Event Experience. Partnering with GPJ, Think Gov was reimagined to complement a range of sessions covering industry trends and innovations that can help combat the challenges facing the nation, enabling agencies to deliver on their most critical missions.

Integrated to Succeed

GPJ was entrusted with the overall production of Think Gov 2020, integrating the project workflow between internal, client and agency partners in order to achieve the most efficient and effective execution. With the complexity and number of sessions, speakers, demos and content, each element needed the care and attention to come together in a short time frame. Our clients were impressed with the results. By curating a broadcast centered around one narrative, the team delivered a two hour broadcast experience centered around innovation and government. Closely partnering with speakers from all across the country and prepping content, the narrative scripting allowed for a fast moving, engaging show with no fluff.

GPJ further enhanced the digital environment, designing a customized UI on IBM’s preferred platform to enable intuitive attendee navigation while showcasing key content. Our creative and design teams produced the elegant animated shorts that were created to showcase client case studies. The unique set of assets were created to drive the user experience on live day, on-demand and are currently being reused for other applications online.


Overall the collaboration has been well-received by the industry, garnering recognition for the effective virtual pivot and polished production of the content and delivery. We’re proud of the continued trust and partnership in our IBM clients, helping to create an effective space for vital thought leadership, relevant storytelling and engrossing audience engagement. The work is helping IBM address the needs of government agencies with even greater speed and efficacy.