Launch Highlights

  • Live streamed global launch from Tokyo
  • Immersive projection-mapped reveal sequence
  • Interactive salon with driving engagements
  • Breakout sessions with designers and engineers


  • 5,600 attendees
  • 515,000 Live Streams
  • Over 500,000 YouTube Views
  • 4,000 Media Mentions Generated
  • 66,000 Social Posts with 1.1 Billion Impressions

Being a pioneer in mass-market Electric Vehicles (EV), Nissan has many competitors, creating a consistent need to re-establish and strengthen their leadership positions and lay a firm foundation for continuation of successful EV business.

The global launch of the second-generation Nissan Leaf was an opportunity to do just that. As the world’s best-selling Electric Vehicle (EV), the new 2018 Nissan LEAF is the epitome of Nissan Intelligent Mobility. More than just a vehicle, it is your trusted partner, anticipating your every need making your ride through life safer, smarter and more exciting.

Our launch event demonstrated the new 2018 Nissan LEAF is “Powered by Intelligent Mobility.”

The Reveal 

We knew we needed to completely wow a new LEAF audience, and partnered with sister agency Spinifex Group to create a multifaceted SHOW, which included a dynamic three-sided projection theater and self-drive immersive product salon.

The all-new Nissan Leaf represents a unique milestone in the evolution of human mobility.  Therefore, the reveal story created by Spinifex demonstrates Nissan’s enthusiasm to exceed in response to the challenges facing society and the role of automobiles in our daily lives.

Stunning projection mapping painted the floor, the back wall and the side scrims with light to fully immerse the audience in a multi-dimensional story outlining the Leaf’s connectivity to technology, the home and many parts of our lives.  The Leaf is a central actor in the story of sustainable energy and the conduit to a ‘smart life’ through its high-tech services.

The Salon

With guests enticed to learn more after the dramatic LEAF reveal, GPJ designed a variety of experiences to engage and educate guests on what makes the LEAF unique in ways that encourage social sharing–spreading the news and connecting the global audience to this world-changing vehicle.

The salon was organized with three initiatives (intelligent power, integration, and drive) coming together in support of the overarching theme…Nissan Intelligent Mobility.

The Salon featured interactive engagements:

  • Pro Pilot park – attendees were able to drive and park using the Pro Pilot park.
  • e-Pedal driving experience – attendees were able to feel the sensation of the e-Pedal and how it feels to drive with just one pedal.
  • Using Microsoft HoloLens technology, we gave guests a holographic taste of autonomous driving. Guests sat in the LEAF, put on the HoloLens glasses, and then got a taste of the safety, comfort, and stress-free experience that comes with hands-free driving. As guests looked around, digital content is shared. Welcome to Intelligent Driving with LEAF.

Break-out sessions with designers and engineers gave an insider view to see beyond the LEAF and what it took to make it a reality.