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Moonshot: The Unwavering Pursuit of Progress

2019 marks the 50th anniversary of the Apollo 11 moon landing.

And while everyone recognizes the monumental nature of this event, not everyone realizes how monumental IBM’s role was in this achievement.

As part of IBM’s 2019 flagship conference, Think, we wanted to not only highlight the IBM technology that was instrumental in the moon landing, but all of the IBM innovations and achievements that have happened since – from the creation and development of AI, to advanced machine learning, to quantum computing.


Working with NYC production partner The Mill, as well as the IBM Brand Experience and Design team, we created a short documentary film which told the ambitious “moonshot” story behind IBM’s game-changing System/360 computer, while also showcasing IBM’s current “moonshots” that will impact the present and future of innovation – in fields such as healthcare, finance, and space exploration.

Combining historical footage with data visualization, custom graphics and animation, the film premiered at Think 2019, with plans to integrate it at other global events and activations – all leading up to the 50th anniversary of the moon landing in July.

Advertising Agency: George P Johnson
Agency Network: Project Worldwide
Production Company: The Mill (Mill+)
Advertiser/Brand: IBM

Design Principal & Creative Director: Matthew Calkins
Event Experience Strategist: Matthew Denning
Design Director: Charlie Flexon
Strategic Communications: Dan Briody

VP, Global Executive Creative Director: Marcos Ribeiro
Strategy & Creative: Ben Roth
Creative Director: Dan Tucker
Associate Creative Director: Peter de Saint Phalle
VP, Account Director: Robin Kleban
VP, Strategy & Planning: Andrew Todd
Senior Producer: David Trainor

The Mill (Mill+)
Director: William Arnold
Executive Producer: Desi Gonzalez
Senior Producers: Mandy Agderian, Irka Seng
Associate Producer: Min-Wei Lee
Production Coordinators: Oliver Schwartz, Samuel Centore
Editor: Jonathan Rippon