Motorola embraced a “show, don’t tell” strategy at the 2012 Consumer Electronics Show (CES) giving buyers, media and other audiences a chance to not only see but physically interact with devices and software from the technology leader.

The experience design followed the brand’s “Life M Powered” messaging and imagery, with visitors navigating a concentrically-designed space. Each radial layer represented a Motorola product at work in a typical scenario, from home entertainment and lighting usage to fitness tools and on the go.

A dramatic oversized wall of dynamic content complemented the intimate space, drawing visitors into the space. It also visually set the Motorola brand apart from the otherwise frenetic environment beyond the branded environment.

In all, Motorola’s CES environment attracted over 150,000 domestic and international attendees to the space, gaining significant media buzz for the installation’s design and the innovation of the products on display.