The Hub at Cisco’s Global Sales Experience 2017

  • Space encompassing nearly 250,000 square ft. in the Mandalay Bay Convention Center
  • 18,000 Cisco sellers from over 100 countries worldwide in attendance
  • Over 160 demos and activations

At the beginning of each fiscal year, Cisco sellers converge on Las Vegas at their Global Sales Experience (GSX) for four days of technical and management training, leadership keynotes, peer networking and the celebration of a successful year completed. From global sessions for all 18,000 attendees down to the Super Sessions and breakout sessions, attendees have several content options to choose from.

To complement the training taking place in the session rooms, attendees at GSX enjoyed “The Hub”, a space designed to connect learning, company culture and networking in a hyper-personalized guided experience.

Known as the heart of GSX, The Hub drove connections between sellers and subject matter experts from product groups, Cisco business partners, sales enablement teams, and evangelists from corporate teams such as HR and Social Responsibility.

Taking over the Mandalay Bay Convention Center, the GPJ design team went bold and took the traditional north/south grid orientation of a typical trade show floor and evolved it into a 45-degree pathway that rethinks the orientation of space and organization of traffic flow. Dubbed the grand “boulevard,” a set of dynamic LED archways formed a central artery through the space, giving attendees a simple navigation and way-finding experience, moving them through a structured zone system and efficiently connecting them with the people and resources they needed.

Another digital activation in support of navigation and way-finding throughout The Hub were the GSX Portals. Sellers could swipe their badge at any of six portals distributed throughout the space, and progress toward GSX learning objectives, specific activity recommendations, and directional cues on where to continue their personalized learning journey. Created with the help of sister agency Spinifex, the GSX Portals used an AI engine fed by profile information provided prior to the event, as well as real-time information about attendee experiences on site, to generate the recommendations.

Navigation and wayfinding guided attendees to color-coded areas included throughout The Hub.

Cisco’s Vice President of Global Events Alex Sapiz called The Hub at GSX 2017 “the best Hub experience ever.” As The Hub expands in scope year over year, GPJ continues to ensure the experience redefines the standard of excellence for creating durable, memorable moments that directly improve seller effectiveness at the launch of a new sales campaign for a new year.