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Challenge IBM iX is probably the largest digital marketing agency that no one (until now) has heard of. They create exceptional experiences and build business - by design. GPJ was briefed to introduce IBM iX, to the world’s leading creatives in the biggest possible way. To garner new business opportunities, nurture existing ones and demonstrate that IBM is a pioneer in business reinvention and innovation.

Insight Each summer, everyone who’s anyone in the creative industry visits The Cannes Lions International Festival of Creativity. It’s the largest gathering of worldwide creative professionals; and they attend for three key reasons; to network, to be inspired and - of course - to have a good time. It’s the perfect place to introduce IBM iX’s collection of renegades and realists – individuals united and focussed on the single biggest business challenge: tomorrow.

Strategy To achieve maximum awareness, we presented iX, Watson and all the various IBM businesses as one unified brand. We showcased a new way to create. We needed to create impact and intrigue. And inform our audience that today, AI and IBM Watson can play a refreshing, exciting part in the creative process; offering a new way to discover valuable insights.

Solution Inspired by Cannes’ famous beach front setting, we created the IBM iX Cabana. An exclusive environment for IBM. The perfect venue for the brand to interact with their audience – and for their audience to interact with Watson and discover iX.

Located between the beach and the Palais and covering over 150sqm, the iX Cabana showcased IBM Watson innovation. An inspirational environment effortlessly inspired by its surroundings. The ocean waves theatrically inspired the space, overflowing onto the walls, furniture and floor - creating the perfect beach house. The ideal place to meet and network.

To promote the IBM iX presence and inspirational sessions, GPJ designed a range of social media and out of home communications - including a bespoke digital screen animation for the main Palais entrance. The addition of an afterhours party ensured there was also plenty of time to have fun – and opportunities to continue frank conversations.

“Cannes Lions is a celebration of inspirational people, innovative experiences and creative ideas. GPJ ensured that the IBM iX presence at the festival reflected exactly the same values”

Summary Most importantly, our client’s objectives were achieved. But the iX Cabana was also recognised as a ‘Top 5 Cannes Lions experience’ by the UK marketing press. Panel sessions hosted at the Cabana encouraged visitors to hold frank conversations that focused on their biggest business challenges and the latest trends including the future of AI in advertising; a discussion that’s set to continue at Cannes in 2018.

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