By Martyn Clarkson, VP, Strategy

Insights by Team Strategy, GPJ

One of the most interesting aspects of the Covid-19 disruption has been the response from brands and industries. While there have been sweeping changes, many trends already present in 2019 are accelerating. From better digital experiences, to safer experiences, to smaller, more meaningful events. There are a number of trends that look set to continue their influence in 2020.

  • Digital Events Are Chief (for the moment)

For the near future, at least, we’re going to be meeting online. Fortunately, when you bring the right creativity and strategy – applied to current technology – we can create great experiences. 


  • The Return of Live Events

Live events are returning in certain parts of the world, but they’ve evolved and will continue to do so. Here are a few examples: 

  • Solving for Safety 

Businesses and industries are adapting their models to a near-term future with tactical solutions for safety, including design for return to work. 

  • Drive Through Experiences 

Vehicle-based experiences are gaining real momentum as a way to solve for physical experiences during the pandemic.

Stay safe, be kind, see you next time,