We’re back with more experiential trends from our strategy team. Enjoy, and as always, stay safe out there!

New approaches to live events are being tested and trialed

From virus-sniffing dogs, to new CDC guidelines, to a new initiative from the city of Chicago, event organizers continue to explore new ways to promote and encourage safe in-person attendance.


Live music takes a leap


Live music organizers are continuing to build a foundation for the return of in-person events sooner rather than later with varying approaches to COVID-era risk management.


Optimism for the future of travel and tourism


While the short-term future of travel is still murky, experts are beginning to make optimistic predictions and plans for a strong travel industry rebound in late 2021.


Recent “Out There” Experiences

Brands and marketers continue to push the boundaries of physical and digital experiences, with new and creative executions popping up across the globe.