Your monthly insight into experiential trends, courtesy of the GPJ strategy team.

In our May issue: From artificial intelligence to age old pastimes, experiences new and old are being driven to change.

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In our April issue: Consumers are speaking up, taking ownership of, and demanding transparency from their experiences.

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In our March issue: Across generations, consumers are redefining where and how they navigate life’s complexities.

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In our February issue: Changing social, economic, and technological landscapes are redefining how we work, play, dine and build in 2023.

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In the December issue: from airport runways to fashion runways and social media to social lubricants, long-unchanged experiences are undergoing societal shifts.

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In the November issue: amid impending economic turmoil, consumers are becoming increasingly intentional about how and where they engage—and spend their money.

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In the October Issue: traditional paradigms across art, work and culture continue to bend and shift in the face of evolved human expectations—and the increasing presence of technology.

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In the September Issue: the relationship between physical and digital continues to morph, evolve and mature, providing audiences with more opportunities to personalize their own experiences.

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