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Hello 2022! We are back with a new batch of experiential trends and insights. As policies shift in response to the Omicron wave, event organizers adjust their approaches, embracing compromise and flexibility to keep experiences alive. Flexible experience design sets the stage for successful engagement  Event organizers and brands are combating uncertainty with flexible, agile … Continued

Experiential marketing is not just the big secret behind brand engagement, but brand success itself. In most industries, the big players have incorporated some form of experiential into their marketing strategy. Brands like Bud Light and Under Armour, who have long elevated their marketplace presence through experiential, make a strong case for other CPG brands … Continued

Chris Meyer is CEO of GPJ. Your event has been cancelled. Today it’s coronavirus, tomorrow it could be something completely different. Disruptive or catastrophic events aren’t new for those of us in the event industry—whether it’s a budget cut or a public health crisis, it’s these circumstances that push us towards innovation. Heading up one … Continued

Andrew Todd is Vice President of Strategy & Planning, based in New York. He works with a number of GPJ global blue chip clients on integrated marketing strategy and experiential planning, execution and measurement.   As people look for greater meaning in how they work, live and consume, sustainability has hit the mainstream. It’s become … Continued

GPJ’s history of creating and delivering powerful brand experiences reaches far and deep. We pioneered the development of the auto show exhibit and our history of quality and excellence continues to drive the experiential industry forward.  Our fabrication capabilities, skilled workforce, streamlined processes and vast network of supplier partners are second to none.  For over … Continued

Scott Kellner, VP of Marketing Scott is vice president of marketing at GPJ, with experience in marketing automation, public relations, advertising, product positioning, lead generation, SEO/SEM, sales management and executive leadership. Experiential Marketing is the Antidote to Interruptive Messaging In an era of brand message bombardment, creepy data-driven retargeting and an increasing number of methods … Continued

Picking the Right Event Management Agency Doesn’t Have to be Tricky We get inquiries every day from both established and emerging brands seeking to find a trustworthy and capable event marketing partner. The people we speak with often have a good idea about what the problem is (they’re overwhelmed by the complexities of planning and … Continued

We prove ourselves every day. On every project. That hunger has driven us to some great places: from developing the Experiential Marketing industry’s first global strategy practice, to creating the first complete experiential analytics ecosystem. But that’s not all. See for yourself… 1-DATA/DIGITAL. We have the industry’s best ROI and analytics tool, the GPJ Experiential … Continued

Purposeful. Deliberate. Prideful. At GPJ, we only hire the best of the best. To do that, GPJ partners with various union apprentice schools to contract the most skilled students and help them to hone their craft while utilizing their creativity and knowledge of the newest fabrication techniques. GPJ has a long-standing relationship with the local … Continued

1. Connecting to the architecture Honda took this consumer challenge literally, building a 100-foot LED halo (what we dubbed: the spaceship), and then taking it one step further to connect. Our dream cannons asked consumers to answer a few profiling questions, and take a selfie to pair you with a Honda product. Then, in a … Continued