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Hello 2022! We are back with a new batch of experiential trends and insights. As policies shift in response to the Omicron wave, event organizers adjust their approaches, embracing compromise and flexibility to keep experiences alive. Flexible experience design sets the stage for successful engagement  Event organizers and brands are combating uncertainty with flexible, agile … Continued

Experiential marketing is not just the big secret behind brand engagement, but brand success itself. In most industries, the big players have incorporated some form of experiential into their marketing strategy. Brands like Bud Light and Under Armour, who have long elevated their marketplace presence through experiential, make a strong case for other CPG brands … Continued

We’re back with more experiential trends from our strategy team. Enjoy, and as always, stay safe out there! Event venues prep for a comeback Venues like convention and performance centers are prepping for the reemergence of large in-person events by implementing new policies and technology.   Indoor Events Return to California With Tests or Proof … Continued

We’re back with more experiential trends from our strategy team. Enjoy, and as always, stay safe out there! Kicking Off a Hybrid Year As the awards and festival seasons kicks off, event organizers and venues are cultivating new approaches to enable hybrid experiences. While wrinkles still need to be ironed out, we are officially entering … Continued

By Wayne Leonard, Vice President, Account Director – Gaming & Esports Our team has been working in gaming and esports for over two decades. From launches and trade shows to broader marketing and tournaments, we love engaging with this passionate, creative and special fan base across the globe. As the world has gone digital this summer, we’ve … Continued

Chris Meyer is CEO of GPJ. Your event has been cancelled. Today it’s coronavirus, tomorrow it could be something completely different. Disruptive or catastrophic events aren’t new for those of us in the event industry—whether it’s a budget cut or a public health crisis, it’s these circumstances that push us towards innovation. Heading up one … Continued

(Article originally appeared in Forbes) Scott Kellner, VP of marketing for GPJ provides an overview of a few key trends that are making waves and providing value for global brands. Looking for a big bet to make next year? I believe experiential marketing is going to take center stage. The 2010s were the age of … Continued

GPJ’s history of creating and delivering powerful brand experiences reaches far and deep. We pioneered the development of the auto show exhibit and our history of quality and excellence continues to drive the experiential industry forward.  Our fabrication capabilities, skilled workforce, streamlined processes and vast network of supplier partners are second to none.  For over … Continued

It’s Time for Brands to “Meet & Greet” the Consumer Audience of Today Rodrigo Espinosa, VP, NA/LA Growth & Development Passionate advocate for the human brand. Integrated marketing strategist with experience in purpose driven brands, sponsorship, social media, sustainable practices and experiential marketing. 20 years in the business. Brand strategy and marketing have changed dramatically … Continued

Sharon Ricketts & Doug Schultz, Strategy and Planning Sharon is an award-winning integrated marketing strategist with emphasis in experiential, digital, brand entertainment, public relations, content and sponsorships; Doug is a senior marketing executive known for strategically-led creative thinking that successfully connects consumers with brands. For tens of thousands of years, humans have been wired for … Continued

Jonathan McCallum, VP, Chief Strategy Officer at George P. Johnson Jonathan has spent nearly 20 years working in the agency world, transforming the way that GPJ applies the principles of brand planning and strategy. The marketing industry is notorious for jumping on the latest trend. Whether it’s shiny new technology, a breakthrough strategy or simply … Continued

In a loud and crowded marketplace, full of messaging and stimuli, marketing professionals rarely succeed without a strategic foundation to campaign planning, creative, content and measurement. The same should be applied to your event and experiential campaigns. Put simply, experiential campaigns have unique benefits for achieving business objectives. As such, they require a thoughtful strategic … Continued

The below copy was lifted from eMarketer. To see the original article, click here. An interview with Kurt Miller, Senior Vice President of Strategy and Planning at George P. Johnson Experience Marketing May 15, 2017 Once just an opportunity to network or get some facetime with existing and potential customers, business-to-business (B2B) events are now … Continued

As a Talent & Culture Manager at George P. Johnson Experience Marketing, Taylor Tanghe focuses on two main things: retaining the very best talent in the industry to work for this world-class company, and fiercely protecting a great agency culture for current GPJ employees. So when Event Marketer named GPJ a Best Place to Work, … Continued

Experiential marketing is not a new concept. Companies have been creating experiences that engage customers in their brands for decades. In fact, GPJ has been leading the way in experiential since our first auto shows in the early 1900s. Yet, the experiential marketing industry still feels like new terrain to many of us. The trends … Continued

Augmented reality. Virtual reality. 3D printing. Oh my! With new technology concepts and tactics surfacing at a rapid pace, it can be easy to get swept up in the newest, coolest tools. But GPJ Growth & Development Director, Andy Hill, warns that marketers and event planners need to be mindful when choosing a tactic for … Continued