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When the first GPJ Employee Resource Group (ERG) was launched in 2018, no one knew just how vital a role they would play in the evolution of our agency culture, and how these groups would grow to include perspectives and deepen relationships with each other, with clients and also our communities at large.   The groups … Continued

The final chapter in our journey alongside the development of IBM’s digital-first brand activations showcases the work of IBM’s Think City. (You can view the previous posts here and here.)  Think City was originally planned as a large-scale physical activation to debut at IBM’s Think 2020 flagship conference, but quickly evolved to digital-first as IBM’s … Continued

The global pandemic may have put a temporary halt to creating the physical brand experiences we all know and love, but there is still plenty of creative work to recognize and celebrate.  The fundamental nature of experiences is that they know no physical or digital boundaries, and we’ve seen incredible creativity, collaboration, and resilience in … Continued

The future is full of things we can’t predict or imagine, however, the need for physical connection and proximity is certain to endure. The desire to be together in space and time; to be in the presence of something other-than and bigger than ourselves, can’t be tamed or extinguished. A new world and future of … Continued

By Brendan Brown, Senior Director, Strategy and Planning Last year a street vendor in San Francisco told my wife and I that the difference between fine art and commercial art is that with fine art you see nothing up close and everything from far away. For commercial art the opposite is true. Chaos in that … Continued

    By Martyn Clarkson, VP, Strategy Insights by Team Strategy, GPJ One of the most interesting aspects of the Covid-19 disruption has been the response from brands and industries. While there have been sweeping changes, many trends already present in 2019 are accelerating. From better digital experiences, to safer experiences, to smaller, more meaningful … Continued

    By Ken Madden, SVP, Head of Digital Engagement at George P. Johnson   This won’t be the first (or last) piece you read about how COVID-19 has devastated an industry. The road ahead for live events certainly appears daunting. When its customer base instantly vanishes, what can an industry do? The answer, short … Continued

  Auburn Hills, MI, April 26, 2020 — George P. Johnson Experience Marketing (GPJ) has partnered with Freeman to unite live events leaders from across the United States to announce the formation of Go LIVE Together, a coalition of 80 founding partners—representing over 4,000 companies with U.S. operations—who have joined forces to support legislative actions that will aid … Continued

The LiveForLife coalition was created by a small handful of events agencies, companies who are normally competitors, but who saw a growing need for temporary structures, PPE, and testing centers to fight COVID-19, and wanted to combine their expertise for the common good. As designers, fabricators, project managers and logistics experts, our industry and agencies … Continued

GPJ has been IBM’s experiential agency of record for over 20 years – during which we’ve created award-winning experiences and overcome unexpected storms. What has remained consistent has been GPJ’s unwavering resilience in continuing to strengthen the IBM brand – no matter the situation – by creating dynamic brand experiences that deliver on their business … Continued

GPJ is no stranger to challenges. During this unprecedented time of quarantine and shelter initiatives, our teams continue to lead with what we do best: thrive in complexity. GPJ remains steadfast and hopeful for a strong recovery, and we are doing our best to help. Efforts with Universities GPJ is partnering with several universities on a … Continued

Scott Kellner, VP of Marketing Scott is vice president of marketing at GPJ, with experience in marketing automation, public relations, advertising, product positioning, lead generation, SEO/SEM, sales management and executive leadership. This article was originally published on February 12 on Marketing Profs. Anyone who’s been watching marketing industry trends over the past few years will … Continued

Andrew Todd is Vice President of Strategy & Planning, based in New York. He works with a number of GPJ global blue chip clients on integrated marketing strategy and experiential planning, execution and measurement.   As people look for greater meaning in how they work, live and consume, sustainability has hit the mainstream. It’s become … Continued

As we wrap up what may have been the busiest fall season in the 105-year history of GPJ, we also take time to focus on our communities. Our offices around the world found time this season to give back to local organizations and to appreciate each other and our #OneGPJ family.  As we count our … Continued

On Giving Tuesday, Project Worldwide double matched employee donations through our Project Pledge program, and before the day was over, we’d reached our goal of $500,000 in matching funds for a total of $1 million donated by Project and its employees for the year. As a matter of fact, this is the second year we’ve … Continued

This is the age of experience. Credit card companies compete with each other to provide the most exclusive access to the most rarefied cultural events. Sports teams lift best practices from the world of music festivals to engage fans both inside and outside their moments and places of play. Retailers are transforming their former shelf-and-display … Continued