At George P. Johnson, we like to think of experience marketing as an active verb. It happens when passive spectators become excited participants – and loyal advocates.

The secret to success lies in engaging people on an emotional level. And it’s the job of an award-winning strategic marketing agency like George P. Johnson to create events, experiences and environments where this can occur – be it an auto show, an Olympic Pavilion or a mobile product launch.

However it’s planned, the aim is the same – to connect companies and customers in meaningful ways and enable clients to create and deepen relationships that drive business performance.

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Benefits of Experience Marketing

Remember the old teaching adage about the importance of showing, not telling? The same principle applies to experiential marketing. Customers are no longer interested in hearing a list of features; they want the chance to experience benefits for themselves.

Customer empowerment has a real, measurable advantage for companies too. When people have a chance to try out products, play with new technologies or see a company’s environmental principles made fresh, they develop a personal connection with a brand. They become partners in the experience and more invested in the brand’s success.

Life Technologies discovered this when they came to GPJ for help in educating conference delegates about their newly developed DNA sequencing technology. They wanted a strategic marketing experience where users could see, touch and learn (on their own terms) about the product’s benefits.

The experiential solution? An engaging interactive DNA encoding game that guided users through the basics of DNA sequencing using a touch screen application. Combined with an interactive cost calculator and shareable digital library, this gave potential customers all the information they needed to come to a buying decision.

This approach applies to any kind of experience marketing. By putting control in the users’ hands, companies are able to create a whole new group of brand enthusiasts.

Role of a Strategic Marketing Agency

Creativity, flexibility and accountability are the keys to any successful experience marketing strategy. A great experiential marketing agency needs to be on top of every detail, because those are the cues that customers look for when making a decision about whether or not a brand is “for them.”

At GPJ, we understand how to craft and execute immersive brand stories. It starts with insights into your audience - taking the time to understand what will innovate, motivate and activate an audience. Based on that framework, we develop:

  • Unique, Exciting Experiences that Engage Users
  • Innovative Technologies that Foster Relationships
  • Supportive, Long-Term Engagement Strategies Through Online, Mobile and Physical

Global teams of creative strategists, digital experts, designers, architects, engineers, writers and programmers are on hand to see these goals are achieved. Since we’re all part of the team across the globe, we’re all responsible for seeing that companies receive a seamless experience. And because we keep our work in-house, we monitor the whole project from start to finish.

It’s a strategy that has served us and our clients well over the past century. Whether it’s a complicated media and technology project like the high-end experiential display for EA Games or an eco-friendly experience for Acura auto enthusiasts, our goal is to be the best in what we do – no matter how unusual the challenge.

Impact of Experience Marketing

Like you, we place a premium on quality.

That includes the quality of program planning, execution and follow-up. After all, users are fairly ruthless when it comes to their experiences with a brand. If an experiential strategy is flawed or the execution is poor, the online world will know about it. In approximately three seconds.

On the other hand, successful experiential marketing can have an enormously positive and long-term impact. Just ask the Motorola Mobility visitors at the CES (Consumer Electronics Show) in Las Vegas.

Inspired by art museums, Motorola’s booth featured multiple galleries with interactive spaces. Attendees were totally immersed in an experiential world – hearing users‘ product experience stories, touching and trying the products, even activating LED displays with motion sensor technology.

The ROI was immediate and impressive:

  • Over 350 media members were at Motorola’s press reveal, over 1,000 industry insiders attended the VIP event, and more than 140,000 visitors walked the tradeshow floor.
  • Motorola XOOM won 8 CES 2011 awards, including the coveted CNET "Best of Show" award.

Unique user experiences, real relationships and measurable results – that’s the promise of experience marketing. And, coincidentally, the promise of all of us at GPJ.

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