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  Technology has enabled event experiences, powering attendee journeys for years. It has been a long, steady evolution mixed with windows of rapid innovation driven by adoption of new technologies. The pandemic accelerated technology innovation, forcing everyone to take a deep look at how technology can truly drive experiences. As a result, we’ve hit a … Continued

At GPJ, we believe inclusion enables growth. Diversity fuels innovation. Equity ensures that every voice is valued and heard. When we show up as our authentic selves, we create beautifully authentic work.  As we’ve grown, we’ve learned that we need to be intentional in creating an environment that values each person and their unique background–race, … Continued

What was the last brand experience that caught your attention…and we mean really captivated and stuck with you?  Chances are, it was something unexpected, something that grabbed you in a way that was creative, surprising, and engaging – ideally, while still authentic to the brand.  Disruptive experiential marketing traverses in-person, digital, hybrid and now even … Continued

  AUBURN HILLS, Mich., April 07, 2022 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — George P. Johnson (GPJ), the world’s leading event and experience marketing agency, announced that it has acquired the German-based boutique design and experience design studio The Sane Company. This latest acquisition shows the strength of GPJ’s commitment to the German and European markets while also … Continued

The events industry is building positive momentum, as major events continue to return to in-person in big ways. Mobile World Congress hosted 61,000 attendees in-person As one of the largest world tech conferences—and one of the first major events to cancel when the pandemic began—MWC’s in-person attendance was up 3x from 2021 and crept up … Continued

Hello 2022! We are back with a new batch of experiential trends and insights. As policies shift in response to the Omicron wave, event organizers adjust their approaches, embracing compromise and flexibility to keep experiences alive. Flexible experience design sets the stage for successful engagement  Event organizers and brands are combating uncertainty with flexible, agile … Continued

Experiential marketing is not just the big secret behind brand engagement, but brand success itself. In most industries, the big players have incorporated some form of experiential into their marketing strategy. Brands like Bud Light and Under Armour, who have long elevated their marketplace presence through experiential, make a strong case for other CPG brands … Continued

  While many are still pondering gift exchanges and filling out their wish lists, consider giving the gift of an experience. No stranger to the power of experiences, we’ve seen that the gifts that stay with us aren’t always material goods, but the emotions and memories created from activities that move us, teach us or … Continued

Even as our world becomes more and more global and connected, so too do we connect to our closest communities and people.  This year, each of our North America offices chose a nonprofit (or more than one) to give to that is near and dear to that office and community.  Below are the organizations that … Continued

GPJ Strategy is back with a fresh round of experiential trends, ideas and takeaways. Here are some of the latest global insights. Brands shift the emphasis to easy, sustainable experiences as the symptoms of the pandemic begin to ease. Event sentiment continues to trend in the right direction Despite COVID-19’s unpredictability, consistent demand paired with … Continued

GPJ Strategy is back with a fresh round of experiential trends, ideas and takeaways. Here are some of the latest global insights. Robust planning, protocols and requirements are enabling the return of familiar and noteworthy in-person experiences. Hybrid approaches continue to unlock business opportunities Brands are increasingly leveraging hybrid models to generate more accessibility for … Continued

GPJ has been producing digital events and streaming for over a dozen years, with clients like Cisco, IBM, Dodge and Rodan & Fields. We’ve helped bring content to our clients’ customers wherever they are, and tailored to the medium and audience, whether it was a product launch, a sales meeting or a B to B … Continued

fab·ri·ca·tion: The action or process of manufacturing or inventing something We Build Brand Stories World-class fabrication embodies everything from strategy and design, to the architecture and environment, masterfully coming together to tell a brand’s story. GPJ’s expertise dates back over a century, transforming ordinary spaces into extraordinary stories. The transformation can be seen with Dreamforce, … Continued

Our strategy team is keeping an eye on everything experiential. Here’s the latest from around the world.  A rising wave of Delta variant cases across the globe is triggering an increase in protocols and policies for in-person experiences. Live and in-person experiences press on with enhanced safety protocols As the spread of the Delta variant … Continued

We’ve been keeping busy with our clients. Just because we couldn’t reach people in-person for parts of the year, that didn’t stop us from crafting new opportunities to engage, surprise and delight. With 2021 nearly behind us, our clients and teams worldwide are getting recognized and the award-winning digital and hybrid work speaks volumes to … Continued

With more people vaccinated and the summer season nearly here, new methodologies and approaches to experiences are beginning to take shape as events get back to in-person. Enjoy, and as always, stay safe out there! Brands make large investments in perma-experiences On the heels of Las Vegas’ successful Omega Mart, many brands and marketers are … Continued

By Jonathan McCallum, VP & CSO—GPJ United Kingdom For centuries the process of ‘the sale’ has been facilitated by the power of a face-to-face moment. It’s proved a lot harder in a ‘virtual,’ or online environment. Here are 10 ways which may help redress the balance. An exit strategy, or process, is a founding principle … Continued

    Contributors to this post include (L-R): Denise Croden, Executive Director, Integrated Production,  Geng Giminski, Senior Event Manager, Veronique Bredas, Event Producer, John Tulloch, SVP, Global Account Director   The health and safety of our teams, clients, partners and attendees has always been a top priority at GPJ, but in 2020, what that looked like … Continued

Featuring Jennifer Lawson, VP Integrated Production The GPJ Special Experiences team is made up of diverse individuals who bring their various backgrounds, expertise and unyielding passion to create and execute immersive experiential environments with high production value. We offer white-glove, unique special experiences and we love what we do.  We’re the specialized team that manages … Continued