Live in Three…Two…

One differentiator in your brand marketing strategy will be the integration and implementation of broadcast and studio design. The future of experiences—whether physical, digital or hybrid—will look and feel more like cinematic or TV programming with true audience engagement and storytelling. The end-to-end process, from strategy and design to production and broadcast is evolving quickly. In 2020, business and marketing efforts accelerated digital output out of necessity; but with the evolution toward hybrid, it’s safe to say the blend of live in-person and digital broadcast is here to stay.

Broadcast has remained one of the fastest-growing mediums for brands in its proven ability to deepen the emotional connection with their audience and have an ongoing dialogue, either as a core project in its own right or as a fully integrated segment of a larger campaign. GPJ has been investing in broadcasting and broadcast-style programming for years, and is ready to help you reach your business goals.

The GPJ Difference

In our commitment to creating immersive, transformative and high production value broadcasts, GPJ has teamed up with strategic partner NOMOBO to offer and deliver elevated digital experiences. Production value is a critical consideration as we design and develop assorted content types, including broadcast quality live streaming, fluid and vibrant motion graphics, and thoughtful, engaging interstitials.

As hybrid events gain permanent relevance, not only is having the highest quality online broadcasting important, but so is the ability to tell a story – a key differentiator in how we approach our client engagements. We put as much effort into set design, content quality and speaker performance as we do ensuring the viewing experience is beautifully engaging and optimized.

We power brand devotion through our relentless commitment to big ideas, strategic insights and flawlessly produced experiences.With our event creative, event design, content creation, live & digital production services, or as a stand-alone broadcast and production service, GPJ offers a competitive advantage along with a best-in-class single agency offering.Our team complements one another in expertise and, partnered with our clients, are laser-focused on their business objectives and the best way to convey that in a broadcast environment.We offer a wide range of scalable broadcast options customized to work within the framework of any client environment at varying budget levels.

Optimize Your Opportunities

Event broadcast studios like the one we produced and managed for the PCMA Convening Leaders in Singapore, is just one example of the industry embracing the global reach of broadcasting and having the full studio experience where additional content gets created. “Broadcast” is a broad term, and like any event experience it all comes down to the scope and requirements. We offer a wide range of scalable broadcast options customized to work within the framework of any client environment at varying budget levels. Here are a sample of ways GPJ can incorporate this service into a marketing and customer engagement plan:

Basic Hybrid
  • Livestream
  • Minimum camera requirements based on event size
  • Content
Mid-Range Hybrid
  • Livestream housed on branded web platform
  • Broadcast program development
  • 3 to 4 camera shoots
  • Graphics package
  • Content on demand storage, replay, chaptering and search
  • On-site line cut records report package/analytics
Full-Scale Hybrid
  • Production team services
  • Full streaming capability
  • 5 to 7 camera shoots
  • Robust custom web portal
  • Added UI/UX functionality
  • On-site records of each camera + program cut
  • Content on demand storage, replay, chaptering, search & LMS
  • Interstitial graphics and content/animations
  • Full analytics
  • Full multi-channel broadcast program development and content scheduling

With the power of broadcasting and studio design in your next experience, you can amplify the brand, build community, guide your audience to a desired action, and provide access to content anytime, anyplace, anywhere and anyhow.