Atlassian’s 20th Anniversary

A unique signature digital experience that captured the essence of Atlassian in a way that fostered a feeling of togetherness and delivered a lasting legacy. Originally published from GPJ ANZ.

Atlassian’s 20th Anniversary celebrations, which would’ve normally been a huge in-person event that brought employees from around the world to connect and celebrate the epic milestone, had to be reimagined due to the global pandemic.

GPJ worked with Atlassian to create an experience that captured the essence of this unique organisation – it’s business successes, its renowned culture and the incredible people who have made the journey possible – in a way that fostered a feeling of togetherness despite being online and delivered a lasting legacy for all Atlassians.

We created a two-part experience:

1.) A live broadcast called ‘Cheers to 20 Years’, which featured some of the biggest names in the business, including Founders Mike and Scott, Futurist Dom Price and TV star Lily Serna. Together, they took Atlassians on a raucous journey through the history of the business and engaged with them online in real time.

2.) A 3D digital exhibition called ‘Through the Years’ that allowed Atlassians to explore the history, culture and people of the organisation through immersive worlds that represented various key moments on their journey, enabling Atlassians to “Make their Mark”, play sound bytes, videos, read articles, find collectibles and leave messages for other users.

The experience received 7, 272 unique users, with 7m 22s average engagement time per user and 52.5k unique page views, 11.7k diorama views and 10.2k collectibles found.