Supernal at CES 2024

Supernal’s mission is to make Advanced Air Mobility (AAM) a safe and reliable option for everyday transportation needs. They’re developing an electric vertical take-off and landing (eVTOL) vehicle and a scalable, electrified, clean-energy ecosystem that will integrate seamlessly with existing transit infrastructure.​​

For CES 2024, Supernal’s goal was to simulate a Vertiport Experience that resonated with CES audiences and showed the full Supernal and Hyundai Motor Group’s Ecosystem in order to generate press and position Supernal as an industry leader in AAM solutions. In collaboration with INNOCEAN USA, GPJ was tasked with bringing that vision to life.

To create a powerful attendee experience, we took a look at the brand truths, the CES audience, and CES itself to develop key insights that inform our ideas.

CES Attendees are tech savvy, early adopters who are active in the consumer technology industries. They are a mix of press, internal stakeholders, partners and general attendees—each with slightly different needs. 

A common sentiment about CES is ‘what is shown at CES becomes reality 4-5 years later.’ This provided the perfect opportunity to play with that expectation, and show the reality of an eVTOL in situ today.

The Vertiport – Human, Real, Possible

Vertiports are designed for aircraft that take off and land vertically, and will be a new part of the mobility ecosphere. What better place to build a prototype than CES? GPJ created a striking design that alludes to the transit hubs of the future and showcases new ways of moving through time and space. 

The standalone structure was designed to provide seamless experiences, allowing attendees to envision the future of mobility. It featured check-in kiosks, announcements, tickets, and a close-up look at the aircraft itself, guiding participants through each step as if it were a real flight.

Brand experts were available to inform and engage with attendees, addressing their questions and linking the experience journey to relatable personas, human stories, and context.

Two Distinct Audience Journeys were created for two audiences. 

Press & Partners 

On the first night of CES, 1,000 members of the press were invited to the Supernal stage for a Supernal aircraft reveal event. After the reveal keynote, they were given free reign of the Vertiport space to learn more at their own pace. 

CES Attendees

After the reveal event on night one, the theater space transitioned into more exploratory space within the Vertiport. For the rest of CES, guests were taken on a journey through the lens of an Advanced Air Mobility travel scenario in LA in 2028. 


We couldn’t have been happier with the outcomes.

More than 250 media personnel attended the reveal event. Tours and interviews with members of the global press community followed, resulting in feature stories followed by Wired, Bloomberg, and the Air Current, and additional stories by CBS News, NBC News, TechCrunch, Aviation Week and Fox Business. During CES, Supernal captured 12.9% of media coverage among top CES tech exhibitors, and 79.3% of media coverage among AAM companies.