Google Flutter Forward

Flutter is Google’s UI toolkit to build apps for mobile, web, & desktop from a single codebase.

When the Flutter team at Google wanted to engage their developer community virtually and in Africa, GPJ was the partner they chose to create a 300 person event in Nairobi, Kenya. We brought together their developer audience for the first time in person since 2019, and did so in an engaging way that highlighted the product (Flutter) and created moments of unity across their audience. Programmatic elements included a main stage session broadcast globally, with breakout sessions, panel discussions, and abundant networking opportunities. 

In addition to the in-person event, we had over 10,000 folks tune in virtually; the best turnout Flutter has seen.  


Client goals were to increase the use of the tool and look to the future of Flutter; in both instances, results were impressive.

  • 91% rated the event as very satisfied or extremely satisfied
  • 95.4% of attendees would consider attending the event in the future
  • 69.2% of attendees said that they plan to use Flutter more than they do now
  • Broadcast to 10k+ attendees 

GPJ Capabilities

End-to-end production


Video & digital assets

Live Production 

Live broadcast

Stage Management & Design