A Flagship for the Future

Global hair care brand Schwarzkopf wanted to revamp the relevance of the brand through their presence in Berlin, and to strengthen brand loyalty with their customers. 

To accomplish these goals, they partnered with GPJ Germany and Wir von Kebnekaise to create the world’s first Schwarzkopf flagship store, the House of Schwarzkopf. Opened in Berlin in October 2021, the space spans two levels and nearly 1k square feet.  

The House of Schwarzkopf is not only the new home of the famous hair care brand, it creates a bridge from the past to the future with unique design and the latest technology. It’s a place where the online and offline shopping experience merges and the Schwarzkopf brand can be discovered and experienced holistically.

With architectural elements full of authentic, high-quality materials, visitors are treated to a warm and welcoming atmosphere in which to explore the brand offerings. The experience is personalized through various interaction points. For example, a magic mirror fitted with the latest AR technology, sensory experiences of scents at the fragrance table, and even a selfie room to encourage social amplification.

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