IBM Innovation Studio is a network of studios around the world that focuses on getting IBM clients and business partners to their next step, faster. 

In collaboration with IBM, GPJ has designed purpose-built environments and experiences to engage clients in solving real-time problems with IBM experts in Paris, Madrid, London, New York, and Tokyo. At the core of a day in a studio is an immersive storytelling experience.

In Paris, clients can encounter a striking, blue, glass cube at the center of the studio’s coeur de verre. Inside the form, a 4-wall projection with hidden sensors and speakers creates a dynamic audio-visual environment for studio leaders to narrate the journey behind IBM’s latest technologies.

An ambient underwater scene, with light emanating from its surface, beckons clients into the immersive room.  Surrounded by water, the audience slowly emerges to the surface of the Atlantic Ocean and boards the Mayflower autonomous ship on its journey from England to the USA. The story unfolds to reveal how IBM and its partners are setting a new course for ocean research with AI and automation. 

This immersive environment inspires clients to explore new possibilities and fosters deep emotional brand connections through a memorable experience. Furthermore, the storytelling platform offers flexibility for programming various types of interactive content to engage clients in new ways.