Under the Surface: Security in a New Light

Data security professionals are inundated with cyber threats daily, leading to something referred to as “swivel chair-itis” as they attempt to address them one by one. IBM Security Randori is an attack surface management platform that provides businesses with the attacker’s perspective, prioritizing and pinpointing the targets that would be most tempting to the attacker – the ones that could ultimately result in a data breach.

To showcase how Randori delivers this level of awareness, control and confidence to customers within a world riddled with vulnerabilities, we designed an interactive experience that immerses users into a first-of-its-kind visualization of a real client’s attack surface, giving them the ability to see what an attacker sees, and showing how Randori empowers them to take action before an attacker does.

A close collaboration between IBM, the Randori product team, GPJ and FIELD.IO, the experience allows users to explore these never-before-seen visualizations of real attack surfaces through gesture-activated Ultra Leap motion technology. Users have the ability to hover, grab, rotate, dive into and zoom out of the data – all while uncovering key insights and information related to how Randori keeps them attuned to the most critical threats.

Combined with rich storytelling and ambient sound design, the experience enables users to learn exactly how Randori functions, all while experiencing first-hand just how powerful the tech is.

By leveraging real, blinded organizational data sets, down to the actual number of IP addresses, host names, detections, targets and all the different pathways a hacker might take to reach those targets –  the experience became that much more relevant and relatable for the audience.

And by staying authentic to Randori and its capabilities, while delivering it all through a human, emotional lens where users feel like they can actually ‘touch the tech’, the audience is able to walk away with the real value and understanding of how the platform can truly help them secure their attack surface and avoid future breaches.