INFINITI’s Hybrid Passport to Auto Shanghai 2021

For every auto space, there is a unique story of art, engineering and powerful collaboration that made it all happen. In recent years, INFINITI has undertaken a visionary approach to their brand evolution, blending architecture and design philosophy back to their Japanese roots. Add in immaculate, precision construction with an eye for finesse, and you get INFINITI’s beautifully immersive booth and virtual extension we helped bring to life at Auto Shanghai 2021.


Designed by Japanese architect Kengo Kuma, the enchanting space was first unveiled by INFINITI at Beijing Auto Show 2020 and Shanghai Auto Show 2019, evoking the presence of clouds and air, with colors and textures reminiscent of elements such as origami and traditional basketweave. The geometric inspiration can be seen throughout the space, architecture and booth design down to the meeting areas, staging and furniture, also designed by Kuma.

For the April 2021 start date in Shanghai, production began in October 2020. The team led by GPJ Germany got to work remotely, pouring over the design files to get to crafting. With the use of custom materials and textiles, we needed to ensure the technical specs of INFINITI’s brand space faithfully translated the blend of nature and technology with a sense of warmth and humanity as originally envisioned. Complete with interactive LED screens, dynamic lighting, an executive visitor lounge, photo booth and interactive ‘Carigami’ and racing game activations, the 2021 booth welcomed back an eager and anticipatory crowd. GPJ also managed the packed pre-show press conference announcing the all-new QX55 crossover.


As lockdown restrictions began easing across Asia, we were cognizant of the logistical challenges and safety concerns in returning to a physical space and the crowds that would follow. To maximize INFINITI’s audience and press access across the globe, GPJ helped realize a digital activation that could be accessed virtually, any time, anywhere. On a short runway, we ramped up production, collaborating with long-time INFINITI partner Visionaries 777 Ltd., to coordinate, design, render and manage the flow of the virtual booth.

Entirely faithful to the original designs and in-person experience, the virtual booth gave users a chance to experience the brand from the comfort of home. In the hi-res 3D environment, they could explore the digital stand and dive deeper into the different features of each vehicle as you would in person. Web users could also engage with the many activations mentioned above, including a car configurator and video kiosks.

Despite the pandemic, the tight schedules and distance challenges, we leveraged our global resources and expertise to bring a true hybrid touch to INFINITI’s top-notch design initiative, maintaining the highest fidelity to detail. Those details are helping redefine and advance INFINITI’s brand identity.

Experience the INFINITI Booth for yourself.