Jaguar is perceived as a high-end brand for the elite; one that a majority of consumers don’t have access to. As Jaguar prepared to launch the I-PACE, their first all-electric vehicle, we wanted to challenge that perception – allowing people to engage with the vehicle from top to bottom, and experience everything a high-performance electric has to offer.

Together with our Jaguar clients, we created a multi-city experience where guests were completely immersed in the brand. In San Francisco, Miami, and Los Angeles, attendees were treated to:

  • The World of I-PACE – an abstract representation of modern life, with vignettes focused around different I-PACE innovations
  • A Smart Cone Challenge Course – allowing people to test their driving skills and experience the I-PACE’s capabilities
  • A partnership with Wired magazine – featuring a curated technology zone that integrated with our audience’s lifestyle
  • The I-PACE Theater – a first-of-its-kind, bullet-time infinity room experience allowing guests to capture their new connection with the I-PACE and share their experience on social media.


  • We engaged 6,700 members of our highly-targeted audience, each averaging close to 2 hours with the brand.
  • 10,200+ 360-degree attendee photos captured in the I-PACE Theater, each shared approx. 22 times.

#JaguarElectrifies challenged perceptions and opened the doors of possibility through multiple immersive engagements that showed how the I-Pace fits into consumers lives while cultivating desire for this innovative new vehicle.