CES. With 135,000 attendees and more than 4,300 exhibitors it’s one of the world’s largest exhibitions. So how did NIKON show up in a way that earned them a spot in Exhibitor Magazine’s Best of CES?

Although NIKON is known mainly for its imaging solutions like cameras, they have a variety of solutions to make people’s lives richer. The NIKON booth at CES 2024 was developed in partnership with GPJ to showcase and promote their various solutions and to help the attendees understand what they offer. Activities in the space showcased “Making a better world with trust and creativity” underscoring their Vision 2030: “a global society where humans and machines co-create seamlessly” (you can learn more on their microsite).

The NIKON experience at CES focused on visitors’ experiences. A cohesive NIKON look and feel was maintained throughout the space, even while individual solutions were showcased with different experiences within that highlighted how NIKON technology improves industry as well as quality of life. 

NIKON trusted GPJ as their lead agency on the project, to create the concept, creative (3D, 2D), overall project management, content, construction supervision, and overall operational support. We’re looking forward to seeing what NIKON has in store for attendees at CES 2025.