Pioneering the Future of Transportation

Supernal is revolutionizing transportation by “building new roads in the sky.” The smart mobility service provider is on a mission to redefine how people move, connect and live. Spearheaded by Hyundai Motor Group, the Advanced Air Mobility company is merging automotive and aviation technologies, bringing human possibilities to new dimensions. 

Supernal’s challenge: communicating their vision of Advance Air Mobility and generating excitement about their revolutionary eVTOL (Electronic Vertical Take-off and Landing) cockpit cabin concept. They needed an agency that could effectively bring their near-future vision to life,  showcase their brand, and create immersive experiences that would captivate and engage audiences. 

As a global agency powering brand experiences, GPJ proved to be an ideal partner to introduce Supernal’s cutting-edge eVTOL concept. With a rich history of over 100 years in transportation marketing, GPJ brought its expertise to the table to help activate the future of mobility. Known for its profound understanding of brand storytelling and innovation, GPJ partnered with INNOCEAN USA to develop a captivating narrative, effectively conveying the transformative potential of Supernal’s eVTOL technology.

The Farnborough International Airshow

At the 2022 Farnborough International Airshow, Supernal unveiled their cabin concept, with GPJ playing a pivotal role in creating an immersive experience. GPJ – in collaboration with INNOCEAN USA, and sister agencies Spinifex Group and Raumtechnik – designed a captivating space that featured the eVTOL cockpit. 

The immersive digital content, showcased through cutting-edge LED flooring synchronized with large-format screens, enables attendees to embark on a simulated flying journey over an urban environment.

The cabin concept was center stage, surrounded by four interactive LED touch screens that rotated around the cabin concept. These screens provided an augmented camera view (as if looking through the screen) with content placed inside and around the cabin. Guests were able to tap and select areas of interest to explore via the user interface overlay.

Adding to the dimensionality of the augmented content, guests would be able to slide the screens independently, altering their field of view.

The reflective mirror material used to cover the screens allowed the guests to see the cabin concept from various angles and perspectives in context as they explored the space.

Guests could immerse themselves in the world of Supernal design and innovation, and delve into the auto-to-aero story using the interactive augmented pillars. These pillars offered a wide range of stories and content, covering all aspects of Supernal’s concept cockpit advancements.

NBAA Business Aviation Convention & Exhibition

GPJ further supported Supernal’s journey by creating a similar space at the NBAA convention. Attendees once again had the opportunity to explore the visionary features of Supernal’s innovation, sparking their curiosity about the future of Mobility.

Through the partnership between Supernal, GPJ and INNOCEAN USA, the world is seeing the power of experience marketing in shaping the future of transportation. GPJ’s innovative approach and Supernal’s groundbreaking eVTOL technology comes together seamlessly, captivating audiences and fueling their imagination. Together paving the way for a new era of mobility, transforming the possibilities of transportation, and inspiring a collective vision of the future.