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IBM has been the official technology partner of the US Open since 1990, providing scores, stats and insight to tennis fans across the world. In 2018, we wanted to raise awareness for how integral the brand’s technology is to tournament operations and for enhancing fan enjoyment of the game – and ultimately, how the same technology is being used to change the world.

Combining abstract tennis iconography, artful data visualizations and interactive games, the 2018 IBM Fan Experience showed fans how IBM uses artificial intelligence (Watson) to see, hear and understand emotion – capturing and delivering exciting moments and in-depth match insight, and ultimately improving the game experience.

Fans could test Watson’s abilities through a 3-part interactive challenge, and learn how this same technology is being used to address complex world issues, from identifying problems with cars and trains to diagnosing and treating cancer.

GPJ helped IBM serve a winning experience that amplified the fan experience while showcasing the power of Watson and the possibilities of partnership.

Agency: George P. Johnson
Client: IBM
Other Company Credits: Spinifex Group

Matthew Calkins, Design Principal and Creative Director
Charlie Flexon, Design Director, Brand Experience & Design
Dan Briody, Strategic Communications, Content Development

Marcos Ribiero, VP, Global Executive Creative Director
Peter Williams, Creative Director
Dan Tucker, Creative Director
Julie Homesberger, Design Director
Dror Kodman, Design Director
Brian Bergeron, Senior 3D Experience Designer
Sarah Franz, Executive Producer

Spinifex Group
Josiah Hobson, Managing Director / Executive Producer
George Kacevski, Creative Director
Jonny Ellison, Creative Director
Ashley Phillips, Producer