Workday Rising

George P. Johnson (GPJ) and Workday have been partners bringing Workday Rising to life for more than 10 years. The collaboration reflects a shared commitment to delivering a truly unique and powerful experience for the attendees, and GPJ serves as a trusted strategic partner, providing resources, suggestions, and tools to manifest the brand’s values in the annual conference. 

Workday Rising brings the Workday community together—digitally and in person—to explore what’s possible with technology and to share innovative solutions for a changing world. With an eye for aesthetic beauty, enticing activations, and hands-on experience, intentional attendee journeys are created based on persona and industry. Every element of the attendee experience is designed to connect attendees to relevant content, experiences, partners, and people.

A prescriptive approach to attendee journeys met audiences where they were and guided them through different modes of engagement and content delivery, curating a content funnel with three types of experiences that incorporated a variety of multi sensory experiences.

Together with members of the Workday community, Workday Rising also welcomes local workforce development organizations (FourBlock, Back Orlando Tech., and YearUp) to participate in a Workforce Week popup where conference attendees engage with local job seekers, offer guidance on interview skills, and help them build their professional network.

Focus on Sustainability 

In addition to a focus on delivering value to its attendees, there is a shared focus on doing so in the most sustainable ways possible. The goal for Workday Rising 2022 was to establish a carbon baseline and design experiences that aligned with Workday’s commitment to people and the planet. With a focus on environmental and social stewardship, four pillars of sustainability guided principles for event design and execution: carbon measurement and reduction, sustainable supply chain, waste reduction, and engagement.


“Workday has delivered a modern approach for its go-to-market that should help to maintain, if not accelerate, its growth and achieve its goal of a larger ecosystem and customer base.” ~ Steve Brooks, editor at Enterprise Times, in Enterprise Times

As part of our strategy framework, specific targets were exceeded across the board. 

  • 4% increase in live attendance over target
  • 33% over target for digital attendance 
  • Increased decision maker audience by 33.6% YOY
  • 66% of 90-day sales goal reached in the first 30 days after event