The huge crowds and showcases of the Consumer Electronics Show (CES) have come and gone, so how did your brand do?  Did you get the attendee satisfaction you were hoping for?  Did your marketing strategy generate new opportunities?  We were on hand to deliver several seamless content experiences, so allow GPJ to evaluate CES for you!

1. Please rate your overall brand experience at CES.

If you got to see the crowds wowed by the technology, like at Amazon Web Services’ space where we brought in Guy Fieri to demonstrate the culinary possibilities of an Alexa-enabled kitchen, those genuine reactions would net you a solid 10.

2. How would you rate the interactive and experiential elements of CES?It’s easy to get overwhelmed at CES.  To stand out, you really need to bring your interactive ‘A’ game.  By the looks of the excited faces of engaged attendees who “Felt the Power” in the space we built with Nissan to promote their next-gen vehicles, it’s obvious that it was one of the most immersive experiences at CES. 10, please!

3. Which elements of CES did you enjoy the most?

Seeing our clients embrace an unconventional space showed they were gung-ho about bringing real human solutions to life.  From Aptiv’s smart mobility solutions to HARMAN’s 10K sq.ft. Connected Automotive experience, attendees got an authentic first-hand look at how consumer electronics can truly impact their lives.

4. Which elements of CES did you enjoy the least?

We can already tell you, short runways and impossible budgets are frequent pain points that can lead to a less-than-stellar event activation.  With the proper timelines and GPJ’s world-class, leading expertise, we are scalable to your needs and flawlessly deliver on time, every time.  We know how to do impossible.

5. How likely are you planning to attend CES in 2022?

Here’s a “Very Likely” answer for you:  Our latest Trends Report points to the increasing importance of experiential as part of any brand’s marketing mix.  It’s the biggest consumer electronics show of the year, with prime placement in January and an audience who is all about experiencing the new.  Experiential is the proven method more and more marketers are embracing to build real connections between brands and their audiences.

6. How likely are you to engage with GPJ for your next CES experience?

If any of this resonated with your business needs, the only answer is 10. Contact us now!

Let’s create the perfect experience together.