Geng Giminski, Senior Event Manager 

Geng has been with GPJ for over 10 years, and manages event logistics, security, transportation, equipment, communications, and so much more. His alternate title: Chief Purveyor of Positivity. 

People ask what it takes and how long it takes to plan conferences.

Depending on size, it can literally take years.

We scout cities with conference centers, hotels, and local attributes favorable to appealing activities, safety, transportation, logistics, operations and labor that can accommodate our conference size, and may need to book venues years in advance to secure the dates we want.

Strategy teams work with clients to define company culture, desires and goals to determine what we want to accomplish and the calculated, measured steps we need to take to achieve them.

We believe that connecting with people through positive experiences allows us to better relate and communicate with each other.  This strengthens our support and loyalty for each other to achieve like goals through learning and enjoyment, to produce good things in the world.

We customize our events to be experience-based, so we’re not just going through the motions of setting up a convention with static structures and classes, but instead designing for how a person experiences activities that are meaningful, impactful, impressionable and helpful for them to achieve their goals, and the people they, in turn want to help.

Teams are assembled to bring all components, messaging and operations into alignment to effectively and efficiently focus and deliver our targets.  These assignments and tasks can be immense and extensive, as everything we decide upon and do can affect hundreds to thousands of people in the chain, collaborating and working together to make it all happen like clockwork.

It’s why we value people, partnerships, and relationships so much in our work.  It could take a year-long event cycle for individuals to learn their function, learn how they contribute to their team, and then for different teams and departments to work with each other seamlessly to deliver an event.

It’s why new teams and events can go through growing pains; learning the event, learning their function, learning how to be a family.  You may go through disagreements at times, but you stick together through thick and thin to get things done.  And once you have your family, you can trust and rely on each other to deliver anything.  It’s why I love our team.

Below are a few highlight clips from Cisco Live! 2019. Together with our Cisco clients and other agency partners, we produce many aspects of the event. There was so much going on that it’s hard to show it all, but the San Diego Convention Center alone has over 615,000 sq. ft of exhibit space that was filled, as were all their rooms for our management offices and thousands of sessions, as well as the entire marina lawn. The campus was even extended to 3 nearby hotels for programs, sessions and activations. Petco Park was the taken over for the Cisco Live! celebration night. We contracted 43 hotels, ran hotel shuttles, provided thousands of meals for thousands of people… and so much more.

Everything is thought through with our Cisco clients, down to the smallest details, then created and managed by someone.

It’s pretty monumental what needs to be done, and working together to make it ALL work together, is magic.