Featuring Jennifer Lawson, VP Integrated Production

The GPJ Special Experiences team is made up of diverse individuals who bring their various backgrounds, expertise and unyielding passion to create and execute immersive experiential environments with high production value. We offer white-glove, unique special experiences and we love what we do. 

We’re the specialized team that manages the A-List talent, arena concerts, VIP Corporate Events, high touch receptions, personalized gifting programs, sales enablement programs, sponsorship activations, awards shows, and more – whether in person, virtual, or through a hybrid approach.

We partner with our GPJ account teams and our clients across the globe, offering added value to their experiential marketing event portfolios. We strive to deeply understand the strategy to ensure the details will have impact and track back to the objectives of the experience. We also work in lock step with our creative and live production teams, so our work compliments the rest of the experience and connect to the brand messaging. This approach provides a collective of the best of the best at GPJ. 


2020 was a roller coaster of a year, requiring us to redefine our offerings and value. We realized that we didn’t need a physical space to create these moments and to have impact; we could still bring people together, facilitate human connection and networking opportunities, and add those special details that make the experience hyper-personalized. 

Prior to 2020, we were creating in-person experiences such as 30,000+ person concerts in Las Vegas, appreciation parties at 500-year-old wineries in Barcelona, taking over theme parks in Orlando for closing night events, and VIP awards dinners at 5 star restaurants. These experiences had to quickly shift to customized and highly produced virtual experiences, but we were up for the challenge and had the talent to do it.

We’ve created special experience content for our clients that includes exclusive musical performances with Salt-N-Pepa, Janelle Monae, Sting, Dave Matthews Band, Snoop Dogg & Martha Stewart and Lenny Kravtiz, to just name a few. We’ve strategized and produced on-demand content programs with entertainment, fitness, sports and lifestyle classes, as well as live interactive crowd sourced experiences with magic, song creation, animated note taking and cooking experiences, and our clients and their attendees have been most appreciative. 

The Impact of Special Experiences

Humans are social beings whose perceptions are amplified by shared experiences. Research has demonstrated that people who share an experience, even with a complete stranger, actually perceive the experience as more intense than those who undergo the experience on their own.

In our current environment, shared experiences that include seemingly simple or quick moments are in fact incredibly impactful.   

Having joyful, funny, inspiring, social and artistic shared experiences as part of a digital work from home environment aren’t just nice to have. They are essential to creating meaningful and successful digital remote engagements, by increasing a sense of unity and boosting morale.

Sales Enablement

We recently launched a sales enablement program for a client where we are the conduit between the sales team and their customers, creating engagement opportunities to close those sales and drive those connections. We’ve created over 40+ custom virtual experiences within this program, which enables our client sales team to access these globally, and engage with their customers in a relationship building environment in just a matter of weeks. This program thrives on the customization of these virtual experiences and is also enhanced with custom gifts to go along with each experience, shipped directly to the customer’s doorstep.

We know that strengthening relationships with key customers is paramount on any given day, but even more so now in this virtual world. 

We’re looking forward to continuing to connect our clients with their customers through unique, fully custom special experiences that live online – and in person – as soon as we can be together again.