500,000+ kids spend time in foster care each year.
100,000+ kids are waiting to be adopted.
22,000+ young people age out without stable, permanent connections.

At GPJ, we rally around the core idea that everything is in service of the experience. This season of giving, we’re teaming with One Simple Wish to grant wishes to children in foster care. We invite others to join us in spreading joy in hopes of uplifting the experience of kids who need it most.

Visit our One Simple Wish giving page to get started:

Grant a Wish, Change a Life

As a community, we’re banding together to spread the joy around. One of the most precious things a child in the system can receive is a semblance of normalcy that is often taken for granted:

For Christopher, he’s getting some of his favorite video games to teach other kids and share the fun.

For Erin, he’s receiving his own specialty stroller wagon to carry all his needs when he’s outside.

For Juan, his simple wish is to have his own cleaning set, so he can share his joy of helping and pretend play alongside his caretakers.

For Leah, her creativity and imagination gets to shine with her very own dollhouse for her treasured dolls.

For Kyanne, nothing would pair more with her love of fashion, art and music than her own Nike Sweat Pants that match her sporty personalty.

For Elena, now she gets to enjoy her days out in the sun with a new bike to learn and ride with her sisters.

For a good big brother like Jaden, he gets to pick out some new warm items for winter.

For Kenneth, his siblings are always on the move, exploring their surroundings and now this sweet boy has his own bike to keep up with them.

For Yuri, her new rose-colored backpack will help carry all her important things as she returns to in-person school and gets to hang with her friends again.

For Kristen, she wants to feel stylish and comfortable at school in her new Birkenstocks, matching her inquisitive and outgoing nature.

For Caleb and his love of the outdoors, he’s granted a bike to help him experience many new adventures.

For a hard worker like Suleika, self-care products go a long way to alleviate the stress of a long day.

For Cecelia, she can enjoy her daily walks when the weather turns cold with her new, stylish black boots.

For Amayrany, a new hair straightener is the perfect gift after her old one gave out this year.

Jack loves Disney music, and what better way for a cheerful toddler to enjoy his favorites than his own Toniebox portable music player.

For Jaxon, his simple wish is moving up from a stroller to an awesome wagon that can store all his diapers, toys and snacks when he’s on his evening walks.

For Asia, she gets to host outside picnics all the time for her friends and caretakers with her very own picnic table.

For an energetic basketball star like Shane, a brand new pair of tennis shoes will surely up his game.

For a generous heart like Elly’s, she gets to learn and explore all new interests with her new tablet, designed to help her practice her articulation skills.

For stylish Kenzie, nothing beats dress up day with a whole new wardrobe set of dresses, socks, shoes and jackets to wear.

Since the holiday season, 30+ kids in the foster care system saw their lives positively impacted by your generosity. Share your stories on social by adding the hashtag #GPJoy to your posts. We hope that you will join us in granting a wish and creating a special moment for these incredible humans!

Learn more about One Simple Wish and their mission to change the narrative around foster care and to activate a stronger village of support so that no child is ever left feeling alone.