Year after year, event after event, why do we come back? What makes us stay? What makes the experience industry so special? GPJ ERGs, in partnership with Talent & Culture, interviewed several of our talented experience marketers. Hear some of the reasons why the very best choose to be at GPJ.

My favorite thing is who I get to work with everyday.

It became evident really quickly, my first few days at GPJ, how much of a team everyone is and supportive of each other. Not only were they talented and capable people but also looking our for each other in the team spirit of getting it done.”

“We have the eye on the prize and we go for it, at all costs, no matter what it takes.”

Leslie Rauscher, Account Director

Everyone is just so welcoming and down to earth here…that’s one of the main reasons why I came to work for this company in the first place.

“Our creative team is amazing, dreaming up these concepts every year…it’s just fun and exciting, and then to go out and execute it and see it all come to life.”

I think if we want a better future we can make it work…I know in my job I’m constantly thinking about that and how we can enact policies and processes that can help us become greener and friendlier to the environment and others.

Geng Giminski, Sr. Event Manager

“What’s kept me in this industry is just the belief in human experiences…To watch audiences go through a journey that you’ve designed and built and spent so much time and effort on over the last several months, come to fruition is a really powerful, rewarding experience.”

“I’m on the board of our ERG called EPIC, (Empowered People, Inclusive Cultures), and we’ve really worked on trying to build a culture of not just inclusivity, but openness and conversation – spaces where people can be brave, and honest about wherever they’re at in their journey around DE&I.”

Andrea Yee, Account Director

I started there, thinking it was going to be a six month freelance job, and I ended up falling in love with it.”

“I’ve made not just friends but a second family.”

“If you want to love what you do and do what you love, this is the place for you.”

Sandra Herrera, Sr. Account Director