Are you experiencing audience disengagement? Do you want to maximize your marketing budget? Are you leaving business opportunities on the table? Live Production could be the missing strategic element of your brand experience.

GPJ CEO Chris Meyer shares the advantages of a broadcast studio approach for your hybrid events.

Post-Covid, live events are revitalized thanks to a slew of new technologies, health & safety protocols and even greater audience options. But to meet these expectations, brands that truly want to create a signature unified experience are wise to think like a broadcaster.

Content Still Reigns Supreme

Successful brands implementing a true hybrid approach are thinking about their physical events as ‘studios’, informing the physical and digital experience to be designed with respect to the needs of a high quality broadcast. But why a broadcast?

  • Enables you to reach global audiences anywhere on any platform pre, during and post event.
  • Interact and get real-time feedback from a global audience.
  • Include off site attendees in a broadcast virtually, via live video streaming, live chat, via social message integration (which creates immediate feedback)
  • Generates fresh analytical insights and building buzz.
  • Drives engagement by providing live and “snack-sized” content (15 – 30 seconds) across social media during and after the event.
  • Builds up a library of video content from events that can be used for marketing and sales support throughout the year.
  • Controls messaging across all social platforms and online properties.

The Magic of GPJ Live Production

If you need to produce a general session keynote, a dazzling press event, or a global launch at scale, partner with GPJ’s Live Production team. Our technical wizards, storyboarders, show directors, and staging experts will elevate your event experience design to the level of movie magic. Working closely with our content, strategy, and account teams, we craft cinematic stories your audiences won’t forget.