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Written & Compiled by Macklin Andrick, GPJ Sr. Creative Technologist

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We explore some of the weird and wild things going on in the tech world as ChatGPT continues to add more features, Google & Puma are getting experimental in the shopper space and we may get a new Beatles song thanks to AI…

ChatGPT Gets New Features

According to the leaked information, ChatGPT is expected to receive several new functions, including the ability to upload files. This means that users will be able to provide the model with additional information or instructions by uploading relevant files. This feature will enhance the model’s understanding and enable it to provide more accurate and helpful responses.

Puma Kicks it Further Into Web3

Through an immersive world titled Black Station 2, visitors are invited to participate in several Puma retail offerings, including two digital wearables and a physical sneaker. This expansion of its existing digital retail destination, Black Station, sees a new metaverse-based platform that aims to reinvent the omnichannel shopping experience by merging the digital and physical worlds, allowing users to purchase exciting phygital footwear. 

Microsoft Lends Muscle to Bolster Visual Understanding

Otter is a visual language model (VLM) built on the OpenFlamingo platform, designed to revolutionize visual understanding and interact with visual content. As part of the ambitious Otter Project, Microsoft has introduced a massive instructive visual-text dataset called MIMIC-IT, containing a staggering 2.8 million pairs of linked multimodal instructions with answers, including 2.2 million unique instructions derived from images and videos. The dataset was meticulously curated to simulate natural dialogues, covering scenarios such as image and video descriptions, image comparisons, question-answering, scene understanding and more.

EVs See Boost, Challenges Remain

A new report from BloombergNEF estimates that there will be 100+ million passenger EVs on roads globally by 2026, and 700+ million by 2040. Internal combustion vehicle sales, which peaked in 2017, are presently declining. EVs are currently displacing 1.5 million barrels of oil demand per day, and global oil demand for road transport will peak in 2027. While that sounds like good news, without additional policy making by governments globally, those numbers might not be enough to keep global emissions targets on track.

Google Brings Generative AI to Their Shopping Experience

The technology is designed to help shoppers find the right travel destinations and clothes that better fit their bodies. The Alphabet Inc.-owned company announced features Wednesday aimed at helping people understand how apparel will fit on them, no matter their body size, and added capabilities for finding products using its search and image-recognition technology. Additionally, Google introduced new ways to research travel destinations and map routes using generative AI — technology that can craft text, images or even video from simple prompts.

AI Brings The Beatles Back Together For a New Song

AI-generated music is a burgeoning and fraught topic, but remaining members of The Beatles are tinkering with AI to create a “new” song, releasing it to the public later this year. The AI-powered track separation and cleanup process has restored the vocals of John Lennon pulled from old demo recordings to a place where bassist Paul McCartney said it was possible to mix the track cleanly as if they were recorded fresh for the purpose.

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