CMOs and marketing leaders seldom enjoy the luxury of swift decisions, full confidence, or comprehensive data insights to optimize their marketing strategies. As the global leader in experiential marketing, George P. Johnson (GPJ) is ready to empower all our clients to make sharper, informed marketing moves with haste, clarity and strategic certainty. Can you really have all three?

YES, and…

GPJ Strategy is an ambitious, disciplined, intention-driven team, ready to help you make transformative choices in your marketing plans and adapt your business practices in complex times.

Use Case: Creating More Impact

A client approached GPJ for a solution to proactively surface new event opportunities that could help them create more impact through their event programs – moving away from disconnected spreadsheets and the repetitive cycle of starting from scratch.

GPJ leveraged our Experience Intelligence Database to pinpoint relevant events and conducted additional research to fill any gaps. In order to prioritize events effectively, our strategy team proposed establishing specific criteria (such as events by country, industry, audience, content, sponsorship, and producer data) that allowed us to score the events against those criteria resulting in a curated top 10 list of the most suitable events. The client was pleased with the depth and quick turnaround of options in front of them.

Read up on our Experience Intelligence tools to see more client success stories.

So ask yourself…

  • Am I aiming to be more strategic in my event investments for better ROI?
  • Are we trying to expand in specific geos?
  • Are we looking to break into new markets?
  • What are the latest shifts in events and/or audience behaviors?
  • Should my budget go heavier/lighter in event strategy?
  • Is our portfolio balanced to meet our business goals?

Whether you’re aiming to turbocharge your event portfolio, venture into new programs, or elevate your events and experiences, GPJ Strategy stands ready to provide unparalleled human insights, backed by AI and data, delivering strategic output at unmatched speed to propel your plans into action. Read up on our Experience Intelligence tools to see more client success stories.

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