See how you can measure
the ROI of your events,
and more!

We’ve got some good news and some bad news…

The bad news first: There’s a treasure trove of information you’re missing out on – data that can make your overall marketing programs much more effective. The good news: We’ve fixed this for you!

You’re likely spending a good part of your marketing budget on brand activations. And your customers and prospects are engaging at your events, but the data your event teams are generating from those activities is probably not being used to inform your other marketing campaigns. At least not nearly as powerfully as it could.

Perhaps worse, the data you’re generating at your events and activations is likely languishing in silos. This means you’re operating without the full picture of your target customers and prospects – a complete picture that includes their digital behaviors AND their activation behaviors.

Talk about seeing only the tip of the iceberg…

The GPJ Experiential Ecosystem doesn’t just “fix” this problem. It generates brand new insights and business intelligence.

Here’s how it works – GPJ will:

  • Unify your existing data
  • Develop fresh insights from it
  • Architect an updated approach to new data gathering and implement it
  • Provide connections among tech systems – connections that are frictionless
  • Produce your events, with experience design fueled by the new insights
  • Provide you with actionable analytics AND drive data to CRM or marketing automation systems
  • Show YOU the value of your brand activation budget

Put simply: we can actually show you your event and experiential ROI while making your overall marketing campaigns stronger.

That’s a powerful statement. And we’re prepared to back it up. Let’s talk.