See how you can measure
the ROI of your events,
and more!

Let’s just start with one benefit: ROI.

It’s been difficult to show. Until now. Introducing the GPJ Experiential Ecosystem™

It’s a new era for GPJ’s clients. One in which the ROI of events, regardless of how you measure it, can now be reported. And that’s just the start.

Here’s how it works – GPJ will:

  • Unify your existing data
  • Develop fresh insights from it
  • Architect an updated approach to new data gathering and implement it
  • Provide connections among tech systems – connections that are frictionless
  • Produce your events, with experience design fueled by the new insights
  • Provide you with actionable analytics AND drive data to CRM or marketing automation systems
  • Enable you to show the value of your events to the overall business!

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Intrigued? Read on. There are additional benefits below.

Don’t forget to click the button on the right for our detailed POV on this topic. It includes step-by-step instructions for getting your data house in order. It will help you make your events more personalized, more effective and more high profile within your organization’s broader marketing group.

Four key event challenges solved by the GPJ Experiential Ecosystem

These result in fresh benefits to you!

Think about how many of these challenges apply to your activities or concern you as an event marketer that cares about measurable success.

Am I reaching the right people? This one is all about targeting. Do you have a high level of confidence, backed up by data, that ensures you’re targeting the right groups (personas), all of the right groups, and have a firm understanding of what their needs, aspirations and tendencies are?

What impact do my brand activations have on my company’s business? Here, we’re talking the prickly subject of “attribution.” Are your marketing efforts getting the proper “credit” for the leads you’re generating? Do you get kudos from your sales team for shortening the buying cycle with target accounts? Does the CMO pat your back for the brand enhancement your programs create? If you’re like most companies, you’re probably not completely sure what impact your events have on the business. In fact, it’s likely you have very little idea, which causes you stress, particularly during the annual budgeting process where you might struggle to justify a flat budget, let alone an increase.

Are my attendees really being engaged at my activations? There are all sorts of “points” during an activation where you’re likely getting some data (registration, mobile activity, beacon data, etc.), but like a doctor who only has a person’s pulse rate or weight, you simply cannot create a diagnosis from disparate points. You need a holistic picture of the patient – your attendee – along with a methodology for measuring their health. Being able to measure the effectiveness of individual experiential elements, as well as the effectiveness of the experience as a whole, is key to designing and delivering more personalized experiences that accelerate sales.

Do I have the right technology in place? Again, if you’re like most marketers, you’ve been diligently adding a variety of technology solutions to enhance your activations. But has this been done strategically, or as a series of “point solutions” to check boxes for things you know you need, but are not connected? Has your technology ecosystem gotten a little out of control? Don’t worry, you’re not alone.

And don’t worry if all four of the above apply to you. Most of the time that’s the case. It doesn’t mean your activations are not effective. But it does mean they can get better, and that you’ll be able to PROVE it. That’s the upside to the GPJ Experiential Ecosystem.

Let’s talk about how we can help you get started!