Fabrication – Taking Ideas From Rendering to Reality.

The design and engineering of great experiential marketing requires an understanding of both the construction materials and how people become engaged. At George P. Johnson we recognize and understand this better than anyone.

It’s vital processes – discovery, strategy, design, engineering and fabrication – which form the building blocks of a spectacular and unforgettable event, conference, permanent installation or trade show exhibit.

Being the original and most awarded experiential marketer has its advantages. Simply put, we’re the dream team with 1,000,000 square feet of dedicated fabrication space to build projects at any scale – from trade show displays and exhibit designs to permanent installations and retail pop-up stores – and deliver them anywhere in the world.

Craftsmanship in all we construct.

At GPJ, our work is consistently recognized for the fit and finish in all that we deliver to our clients. We consistently exceed our clients expectations with the highest levels of craftsmanship to best represent and support their brands.

This is made possible because everything is consolidated under our roof. Centralization helps streamline production – minimizing turnaround time – and allows close monitoring of quality control. All work: engineering, carpentry, welding, electrical, and painting are completed by expert teams working next to one another making communication more efficient and improving the overall quality and artistry of the final deliverable.

Engineering solutions. And peace of mind.

When the Olympics sought out the best team to design and fabricate an awe-inspiring spectacle for the opening ceremony, they put their trust in GPJ to deliver. It’s this competency in tackling projects of any size that has earned us the reputation as the go-to engineering experts who infuse care and competency to plans on any scale.

From events seen by the world to an intimate venue enjoyed by select guests, the quality of our engineering is second to none. We are always raising the bar when solving the logistical challenges presented within the blueprints drawn by our innovative designers. The breadth of our skill set and capabilities provides the foundation for a tremendous competitive advantage that our clients can leverage to their benefit.

Cost savings as a byproduct.

Every project we develop generates beneficial cost savings for our clients. These budgetary advantages come from our vertical integration.

Being the biggest has its perks. By owning the equipment and fabrication facilities, we eliminate the arbitrary pricing associated with outside vendors. Without GPJ’s infrastructure, our competitors (and their clients) suffer from the increased overhead of fragmented sourcing via multiple vendors. This often causes timeline and quality uncertainty along with inflated costs.

Dollar for dollar, our quality is unsurpassed. Because we do it all from discovery to design and engineering, the handoff to fabrication and final delivery is streamlined down to the penny. And we make worldwide deployment look easy with our global fabrication presence in North America, Europe and Asia.

State of the art technology makes it possible.

Commanding the highest level of craftsmanship is made possible by our renowned teams of seasoned craftspeople based in Detroit, Los Angeles, Nashville, Germany and China who have access to the most cutting edge fabrication equipment available. This collection of resources enables us to create many of the industry’s most stunning, immersive structural environments.


Our graphics and printing department is well equipped to produce computer cut vinyl lettering, logos, and paint masks. We can process almost any vinyl or specialty materials used for advertising, trade shows and point of purchase signage. We handle dye-sublimation printing, direct textile printing, direct-to-board printing, contour CNC routing, vinyl printing, vinyl cutting, lamination, and fabric finishing, too!

We’re sure of this: if you need it, we can design it, engineer it and build or print it.