A Culture of Creativity 

Creative work doesn’t come from the top down. It comes from investing in the very best talent, continuously challenging and inspiring them, and then getting out of their way so they can do great things.

It’s not enough to simply be a good place to work. Our agency must be a place where our employees thrive. Each GPJ employee, supplier, and client is welcome on our journey. We believe when open-minded people are part of an all-embracing community, extraordinary experiences emerge.

A Commitment to Diversity, Equity, Inclusion and Belonging 

As part of GPJ’s mission to unleash the power of creativity to deliver experiences that elevate brands and drive tangible results, we’re dedicated to providing opportunity for people of color, the LGBTQ+ community, women and other groups. That includes our employees, clients, and suppliers.

We believe inclusion enables growth. Diversity fuels innovation. Equity ensures that every voice is valued and heard. Individuals shine and teams radiate. Every person, project, and product is elevated. 

As we’ve grown, we’ve learned that we need to be intentional in creating an environment that values each person and their unique background–race, gender, ethnicity, ability, orientation, religion. We commit to safe spaces for conversations, delivering education on racial inequities, and empathy for marginalized individuals and their experience. This is an essential thread in the fabric of our community and the experience marketing industry. 

GPJ’s philosophy activates our brand attributes: Passionate, Collaborative, Fearless

We are future focused.
We are stronger together.
We have no barriers.
Passionate in our pursuit of an inclusive community, we are active drivers for what our agency will become.
In our community, all can connect, learn, and grow – based on our similarities and our differences.
When everyone is welcome, each person can thrive – via shared community, intentions, values, and actions. We are not afraid of difficult conversations and actions.


Here’s a quick peek into our culture of creativity:

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