Experiential conferences are designed with one goal in mind: to take you to the forefront of market leadership.

With a proven track record in managing large-scale conferences, we provide:

  • Award-Winning Conference and Event Planning for Fortune 500 companies, international organizations and governmental agencies.
  • Live, Hybrid and Virtual Experiences designed to engage and educate attendees through multiple channels.
  • End-to-End Conference Management Services including strategy, creative, live production and logistics.
  • Event Management Technology that improves attendee experience while streamlining costs and operations.
  • Maximized Sponsorship and Trade Show Marketing to deliver the best possible financial returns.

Each conference is packed with sought-after programming, and delivered by our global team of strategists, experience designers, architects, engineers, writers and programmers. From the first strategic meeting to the final ROI analysis, we have the means to meet your challenge.

Conference Management Services

We think of a conference as an opportunity for a brand to start and own the industry conversation – a chance to gather customers, partners, employees, media, analysts and others together under one umbrella. It’s your opportunity to make sure every interaction brings the brand to life in ways both large and small.

As a full-service event agency, we provide all the conference management services required to create these unique interactions. We take the time to discuss, plan and combine the elements that will prove most effective for you.

These include:

  • Audience Acquisition Services to ensure you have the right people, in the right numbers, at your event
  • Comprehensive Outreach Programs designed to encourage social sharing and generate publicity.
  • Conference Marketing Support and Logistics including speaker, production and graphics management.
  • Cutting Edge Event Technology from registration and housing, to lead management and mobile alerts, to behavioral analytics the inform your marketing campaigns.
  • Immersive High-Touch Environments that allow attendees to navigate according to their need or level of interest.
  • Tactical Media, Device and Technology Integration to stimulate meaningful, interactive conference experiences.
  • Action-Packed Agendas that foster engagement, such as walk-in labs, demonstrations and real-time access to custom content.
  • Memorable Keynotes and Breakout Sessions hosted by internationally renowned speakers.
  • Hybrid Networking Events that promote collaborative conversations and better understanding.
  • High Level Receptions and Invitation-Only Events targeted at your most valued prospects and partners.
  • Comprehensive Communications and Messaging including social media monitoring and attendee portals.
  • Seamless Internal Conference Management using the latest digital management tools and event technologies.

Benefits of Experiential Conference Marketing

Events promote interest. Experiences promote innovation. It’s the fundamental creed of our conference management specialists and the way we approach all conferences – be they intimate 50-person meetings or global developer conferences.

Which means, in plain terms, that GPJ focuses on active audience involvement. This encompasses everything from the first pre-event touch, to the physical and virtual experiences, to post-conference collaboration.

This experiential approach gives you the ability to:

  • Build Stronger Relationships: We’ve seen it with every client with whom we’ve worked. An experiential conference is the perfect place to create meaningful connections and shorten sales cycles. Companies and clients have time to educate each other and engage in post-event discussions that accelerate business results.
  • Stimulate Collaboration and Social Sharing: Conferences live and die on participant enthusiasm. GPJ conference tools make it easier for attendees to discuss their experiences, collaborate with colleagues and share their excitement both internally and with the outside world.
  • Incorporate Interactive Technologies: Research shows that attendees who direct their own interactive experiences feel more invested in the event and its message. So when we use technology, we use it strategically – directing it toward the achievement of your key conference goals.
  • Effectively Harness Conference Data: Better data collection equals better decision-making and customer follow-up. As part of our end-to-end marketing, GPJ captures data and intelligence throughout your conference. Then we help you to analyze it with the insight of our experiential conference strategists.
  • Reduce Overall Costs: Our global conference management services remain in-house. This means you’ll see immediate efficiencies in planning and logistics, plus significant reductions in overall expenses. And with more than a century’s worth of experience in event planning, GPJ knows how to bring in a project on time and under budget.
  • Produce Lasting ROI: At GPJ, your ROI is our ultimate benchmark. We’ll help you to huge increases in lead capture and attendance levels, streamlined processes and improved data collection – even international acclaim. But we’ll also develop conference relationships that will pay dividends for years to come.