Google Health

A Google Health Oasis @HLTH

The Challenge

Having never showed up with a physical booth at HLTH, this was a unique opportunity for Alphabet to come together as a united front under ‘Google Health’. 

Google wanted to increase awareness and comprehension of their healthcare solutions and focus areas. 

The Solution

GPJ designed, built and managed Google’s 30×30 booth experience end-to-end. We created a cohesive story about Google Health while highlighting their products and offerings in a Health Oasis. The attendee journey provided folks with a feeling of calm, and promoted the idea of a healthy well being while simultaneously educating them on the latest Google Health brands and products.


Approximately 50% of the properties were re-used and refurbished. We pulled decor elements from local vendors as well to reduce shipping. We also have future plans to re-use these properties for two additional shows in ‘23.


The Google Health booth was a clear stand-out on the expo floor, and attendees engaged the space throughout the entire duration of the conference. Along with the booth, GPJ provided additional support for the Google Health Theater Room where a 3-hour panel with multiple top Google executives was hosted. 

Both the conference attendees and the Google clients were incredibly impressed with the outcomes of the booth.