Unexpected luxury, much like unexpected adventure, is arguably the best kind. When Acura was looking to launch its new flagship luxury sedan, we took inspiration a surprise and delight approach, while making a lifestyle statement of our own.

Beautiful two-dimensional images in isolated locations are often a consumer’s first experience of a car. We replaced this expectation with a modern, unplugged concept that allowed customers to stumble upon the product in their everyday life. Throughout the summer, consumers walking by cultural centers in ten cities in the US will stumble into and experience up and coming designers making lifestyle statements where the Acura RLX is the costar.

In Washington DC, Bishme Cromartie, a self-taught fashion prodigy decked out models in designs inspired by the Acura RLX, injecting a bit of luxury into the lives of visitors of Georgetown’s promenade. In between shots in the open photo-shoot, product specialists guided visitors through the features of the RLX and allowed them to experience both it and the photo-shoot for themselves. Our next stylish locations in the summer tour will be Boston, Chicago, San Francisco, San Diego and Los Angeles. Catch up with us and strike a pose next to the RLX. (#acurarlxstyle) If you miss us, we’ll be featured in the fall issue of Acura’s Style Magazine.