•’s Flagship Marketing Activity
  • 170k Registered Attendees and more than 10M Online Viewers
  • Immersive, Gamified, Personalized Journeys
  • Environmentally Sustainable
  • Consistent year-over-year pipeline growth

Salesforce, one of the leading enterprise cloud computing companies, “the most innovative company in the world.” Nowhere is this innovation better showcased, demonstrated and accessible than at Dreamforce, Salesforce’s annual user conference and flagship marketing event. Dreamforce is four days of learning, innovation, fun and giving back that embodies Marc Benioff’s vision that “The business of business is improving the state of the world.”

Each year, it’s an experience that celebrates, enables, and inspires the huge Salesforce Trailblazer customer base to learn about how Salesforce products drive business success, and how to become better corporate citizens.  The onsite digital and immerse experiences continue to bring crowds back year after year.

The “Brand Festival” moniker of Dreamforce lends itself to the highly personalized and on-brand treatment of the end-to-end attendee journey.  The entirety of Moscone Convention Center and hotels all over San Francisco were transformed into a massive National Park themed campus. Interactive installations, way finding points, demos, workshops and hands-on experiences were brought to life in Campgrounds, Lodges and Stations where various Salesforce products were explained and highlighted.

At Trailhead, GPJ’s creative, digital and operations teams helped Salesforce design learning-based activations for developers and admins, where users ‘Blaze their own trail’ through Dreamforce workshops and tutorials in order to better understand Salesforce products and services, and earn badges for their accomplishments. The digital engagements are truly the highlight of the Dreamforce experience, seamlessly blending technology into the learning environment.

Dreamforce continually sets new industry benchmarks on everything from satisfaction (98% would recommend to others) to event reach (10M online viewers) to ROI (pipeline growth year-over-year). GPJ is proud to partner with Salesforce to reimagine what a conference feels like, and with thousands of lives left inspired, motivated and better prepared to execute on their roles, Dreamforce is a true embodiment of Salesforce’s vision to improve the state of the world.