Broadcast Streaming for Event Amplification = A HUGE Opportunity for You!

By using broadcast streaming as an adjunct to live events and experiences, brands are exponentially expanding their audiences – vastly increasing their event ROI, and generating valuable, actionable analytics to fuel their sales and marketing activities.

GPJ’s industry-leading live production team regularly partners with leaders in the broadcast streaming space to provide this service to its clients. Through careful vetting and testing, GPJ has developed an ecosystem of trusted brands like IBM, NOMOBO, Suite Spot and others to vastly increase the reach, and amplification of key messages, associated with our clients’ experiences. Combined with our live production team’s skill at set and lighting design, production, direction, and content development, this presents a significant opportunity to experiential marketers like you.

Some examples:

  • For our Salesforce client and its flagship Dreamforce event, which we’ve been fortunate enough to produce since 2009, the onsite audience is huge. More than 170,000 people come to be educated, engaged and entertained. But GPJ’s broadcast streaming services expanded this audience to more than 13 million.
  • For a consumer products client that holds an annual event for 20,000 of its sales people, our live production team helped them engage a further 40,000 sales reps with live TV style broadcasts and sessions during the event. We measured the ROI, and it was staggeringly effective.
  • For our automotive clients, we stream every aspect of their new car reveals, broadening the audiences by hundreds of thousands.
  • Product launches, major announcements, press briefings and more are possible, as well.

The bottom line: not everyone can attend your event and/or your capacity is limited to a certain number of attendees. GPJ’s service offering is flexible enough to scale up or down depending on your needs.

Now, everyone gets into the party!

Leveraging live video content at events gives brands the power to:

  • Reach global audiences anywhere (on mobile, social, OOH, desktop, and broadcast TV) before, during and after the event.
  • Interact and get real-time feedback from a global audience.
  • Include offsite attendees in a broadcast virtually, via live video, in live chat, via social message integration (which creates immediate feedback) – all while generating fresh analytical insights and building buzz.
  • Drive engagement by providing live and “snackable” content (15 – 30 seconds) across social media during and after the event.
  • Build up a library of video content from events that can be used for marketing and sales support throughout the year.
  • Control messaging across all social platforms and online properties.
  • If appropriate, e-commerce can be built into the streaming package.