GPJ Services

Design Studio: Creative Marketing Solutions

Over the past several years, GPJ’s Design Studio has been assisting various Alphabet clients by upleveling their marketing materials, product guides, templates, playbooks, illustrations, business reviews, and more. With a nimble team of graphic designers, we are able to service multiple teams across various companies within Alphabet at any given time and even hit some very tight deadlines. 

With a simple operating model of submission request, kickoff meeting, milestone reviews and delivery, our clients know what to expect when they seek out GPJ’s creative support for their most important projects and presentations. We help to alleviate the creative burden of our clients and allow them to focus on their bottom line narratives. We like to think of ourselves as a Swiss army knife solution when it comes to helping our clients bring their story, their pitch or promise to life. 

Our Approach

Personalized, scaleable creative support backed by a deep understanding of Alphabet’s brand expression and marketing benchmarks.


Our clients rely on GPJ to help them show up at their most important moments with professionally designed materials. Whether this be externally facing at a tentpole event, or internally to create culture and belonging, GPJ’s creative touch helps to bring presentations together where they may have previously been an afterthought. Our clients have now come to expect that their presentations need to be polished before they are shown widely and we help to bring their visions to life.

GPJ Capabilities

  • Presentation design
  • Graphic design
  • Animation
  • Illustration
  • Branding services
  • Logo development
  • Creative strategy
  • Project management
  • Account management